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Colleagues List, June 11th, 2011

Vol. VI. No. 35


Wayne A. Holst, Editor


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In This Issue -

Special Item This Week:

Book Notice -

 by June Maffin

Colleague Comment:

Joanne Wiens
Karen McKeown
George Setterington
Brandon Ferguson

Colleague Contributions:

Marjorie Gibson
Mathew Zacharish
Martin Marty
Jim Taylor
Gretta Vosper

Net Notes:

Is Yoga Religious?
Bishops and the Pope
Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Same Old New Atheism - Sam Harris
New Nunavut Cathedral Taking Shape
Truth and Reconciliation - Part Two
European 'Christophobia' Overstated
Atheism - A Sign of a Good Christian
How the King James Version was Translated

Global Faith Potpourri:

Eleven ENI Geneva stories appear this week.

Quotes of the Week:

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Stanley Saunders
Doris Donnelly
Marianne Williamson

On This Day:

June 4, 1989
Chinese Troops Storm Tiananmen Square

June 6, 1944
D-Day Invasion of Beaches of Normandy

June 7, 1929
Sovereign state of Vatican Established

June 8, 1968
James Earl Ray Captured in London

Closing Thoughts -
Thomas Aquinas and Matthew Fox



Dear Friends:

In this issue of Colleagues List I
begin to catch up with a number of
the books published by members of
our group.

I hope that you will both enjoy and
appreciate 'Soulistry' by June Maffin,
who writes, teaches and serves as a
spiritual director from Vancouver Island.

June and I have known each other for
the past 13 years and this is my first
opportunity to promote one of her books.

Colleague Comment:

Joanne Wiens - is chair of St. David's
Church Council and shares her view about
our recent tour of the Celtic lands.

Karen McKeown - another member of the
tour offers a quote she found helpful.

George Setterington - yet another fellow-
member of St. David's Calgary, notes
an article on the apparent 'demise' of
the United Church of Canada. It appeared
four weeks ago in the National Post.

Brandon Ferguson - university colleague
announces a special program in spiritual
direction for the following year. Please
note details and contact him if you are
interested. Share this info with others.

Colleague Contributions:

Marjorie Gibson - 89 years old, mentor,
colleague and friend from St. David's,
Calgary begins a blog of remembrances
as one of our best links to the pioneers
of the province of Alberta.

Mathew Zacharish - university colleague,
and specialist in international development
education, writes here about biblical

Martin Marty - teacher, pastor and friend -
who has encouraged me for many years -
writes one of two articles on Christianity
and Europe appearing this week. A very
enlightened American perspective.

Jim Taylor - a regular favourite on these
pages - challenges common stereotypes about
sex and sin in a lot of religious writing.

Gretta Vosper - friend from Toronto and
head of the Canadian Centre for Progressive
Christianity shares with us audio debates she
has had with others on the ethical spectrum.

Net Notes:

"Is Yoga Religious?" - what is this phenomenon
which has had such an impact in the West for
the past generation? (Christian Century)

"Bishops and the Pope" - Richard McBrien has
some insights on the role of Catholic bishops
and on how they may or may not be living up
to the traditional expectations of their task
(National Catholic Reporter)

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?" - a helpful
article on how our reading and researching
habits have undergone change due to the
internet (The Atlantic Monthly Online)

"Same Old New Atheism - Sam Harris" -
New Atheist Harris is one I continue
to follow because I use his work in
my university teaching. Martin Marty
has put me on to this piece (The Nation)

"New Nunavut Cathedral Taking Shape" -
One of the bright spots in the ACC
these days is Canada's North, and here
is an update on the newly constructed
cathedral in Iqaluit (Anglican Journal)

"Truth and Reconciliation - Part Two" -
a new series of interviews with victims
of the residential school tragedy is
about to begin (

"European 'Christophobia' Overstated" -
when North Americans view Christianity
in Europe, they see it with different
eyes that many Europeans do. Here is a
perspective from the UK (The Tablet)

"Atheism - The Sign of a Good Christian"
- Christians need to be more aware of their
history when it comes to assessing atheism
today (Ucan News)

"How the King James Version was Translated"
- on this the four hundredth anniversary of
the appearance of the KJV is it important
to learn more about the setting from which
it emerged and has had such great influence
(ABC -Australian Broadcasting Company)


Global Faith Potpourri:

Courtesy of the newly reorganized Ecumenical
News International, here are eleven stories
from Geneva appearing this week.

Quotes of the Week:

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Stanley Saunders,
Doris Donnelly and Marianne Williamson share
their wisdom with us.

On This Day:

Courtesy of the New York Times archives:

Chinese Troops Storm Tiananmen Square (1989)
D-Day Invasion of Beaches of Normandy (1944)
Sovereign state of Vatican Established (1929)
James Earl Ray Captured in London (1968)


Closing Thoughts -  insights from
Thomas Aquinas and Matthew Fox will
conclude our communication this week.


Life is beginning to return to normal
after our extensive time in the UK,
Ireland and France.

I plan to send Colleagues List weekly
through the end of June, and bi-weekly
through July and August.





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Book Notice:

 Artistry of the Soul -
 Creative Ways to Nurture
 Your Spirituality"
 by June Maffin

Publisher' Promo:

This book encourages readers to re-connect
with the intangible soul-essence of life
and experience rich spiritual growth.

In today's culture, people are becoming
aware of the importance of balance in
their lives; physically, intellectually
and spiritually. Through a series of over
80 inspirational quotations (from ordinary
and extra-ordinary human beings around the
world and living in different centuries)
along with accompanying Soul-Questions,
this unique book encourages readers to
embrace life in new ways.


If you are looking for greater depth,
richness, and fulfillment in your life,
this book will help you find it.

- Larry Dossey


Author's Words:

To get the most out of this book,
readers are encouraged to reflect on
the Soulistry Journal Prompts and
journal their responses to the
Soul-Questions (that come to mind
while reading).

First, get a journal. Write your
name in it (as a commitment to
your journaling).

As you move through the Journal
Prompts (quotations) and their
Soul-Questions, find one that speaks
to you.

Journal writings are meant to be
personal conversations - with
yourself/with yourself and God.

Soul-Questions can clarify what you
believe/think about certain relationships,
issues, life, yourself. This is your
opportunity to know yourself more deeply
and to make time to listen, to think,
to pray, to meditate on what you believe -
really believe.

(Do this on a regular basis) but especially
at significant moments of your life -
the birth of a child, loss of a pet, the
ending of a relationship, becoming a
senior citizen, loss of a job, death of
a loved one, time of critical illness.

Generally, journal entries are personal,
and not intended to share with others.
However, it may be helpful to seek the
input and guidance of others.

... writing helps to create Soul-Space -
inner peace, abundant joy, and a new
sense of direction and purpose.

Over the years, I have come to experience
spiritual growth as I have asked Soul-
Questions of myself. These questions will
encourage you to connect more intimately
with and nurture your spirituality.

- from the Preface


My Thoughts:

I have written daily in a spiritual
journal for more than thirty years.

It began in response to an invitation -
not unlike the one June Maffin extends
here - only it was a different time
and place for me. Still, her welcome
encouragement speaks to me after all
these years.

The author offers both excitement
and adventure in new spiritual growth
that continues to intrigue me. That is
the thing about real spirituality - the
possibilities for internal renewal continue
to be limitless - whether you are a
beginner, or a person with considerable


As I engage this book, I see quickly
that it is the product of a good deal
of faithful living and spiritual

From her experience has come a rich
harvest of understanding that is
readily evident in the material.

June has known some difficult challenges
in her spiritual journey, but from what
I know of her, I have always admired
the balance and equanimity with which
she faces life's problems.


A point about the 80 Soulistry Journal
Prompts and Soul-Questions that constitute
almost 90 pages of the book. She includes
the wisdom of a wide-range of spiritual
guides - some of whom are Christian and
some of whom are not. In this, she shows
that the spirit of God is not limited or
confined to a particular faith. But at
the same time - she reveals through such
quotes - the broadness and depth of her
own Christian life.

She demonstrates that one can grow in
spiritual maturity only if one has a
solid grounding upon which to stand.
That maturity is not always found today
but when she quotes persons I know
personally or with whom I have had a
long-standing reading acquaintance, I
realize that she is not simply 'spiritual
name-dropping' but has solid reasons for
quoting such people. They have become
intimate partners in her own spiritual

She includes a biographical listing of all
her contributors, which I found helpful -
especially for the less familiar names.

Don't read this book because you want
to collect a string of quotes or impress
people with your literary prowess. Read
it because you sense a depth and quality
in the person quoted.

For example, one of her subjects is also
a person to whom I owe a great deal of
respect and appreciation. Herb O'Driscoll,
a colleague of this list and a retired
priest of the Anglican Church of Canada is
a wonderfully creative preacher and writer.

The author quotes these words from him:

"Come and journey, journey upward.
 Sing God's praises. Offer prayer.
 In the storm and in the stillness
 Find God's presence everywhere."
 (pp. 36-7)

This is but one example of many I could
mention; but why not secure the book
and meet other inspiring mentors and
guides in the process?

Thanks, June, for creating this
very fine spiritual reading-companion.
I will treasure and return to it often;
and am sure that many others will do
the same.


Read a review of this book by Brenda Berck

Contact the Author:
June Maffin
Vancouver Island, BC.

The Reverend Dr. June Maffin Author,
Writing Coach, Book Reviewer, Book Editor
Founder of "Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul"  

The Book is now published and available at: & local bookstores. 

Also see Soulistry YouTube Video: 



Calgary, AB.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for sending the article on "thin places"
visited during our tour of the Celtic Lands.

Several people from St. David's, who were not
on the tour, have asked me if we will be telling
the congregation about our trip.  I'm not sure
what this would look like or when it would happen.
I toss that thought out there and hope you would
share it with the rest of the tour group - and
perhaps others have some ideas too.

It was a memorable trip!


(Joanne is chair of St. David's Calgary Council)


Calgary, AB.

June 5th, 2011

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.
When I read your words it reminded me of a
quote by Albert Einstein:

Sensation of the Mystical

"The most beautiful and profound emotion we
can experience/ Is the sensation of the
mystical./It is the sower of all true science./
He to whom this emotion is a stranger,/
who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in
awe,/is as good as dead./

To know that what is impenetrable to us really
exists,/ manifesting itself as the highest
wisdom/and the most radiant beauty,/ which our
dull faculties can comprehend only in their
primitive/forms - this knowledge, this
feeling,/is at the center of true religion

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



Calgary, AB.


I thought you might be interested
in this article.


"United They Fall"
 Some Claim the UCC has 'Lost it'

National Post,
May 14th, 2011


Calgary, AB.

Offers a Course in:

"Living from the Heart"

At Kings Fold Retreat, Cochrane and
the FCJ Christian Life Centre, Calgary

Weekends –

FCJ Christian Life Centre, Calgary:
Beginning Sept. 23-25, 2011
Times: (7 pm Fri. – 5pm Sun)
FCJ Christian Life Centre, Calgary:

Kings Fold, Cochrane:
Beginning May 4-6, 2012
Times: (7 pm Fri. – 4pm Sun.)

Kings Fold Retreat Centre
(17km west & 22km north of Cochrane)

FCJ Christian Life Centre
219 - 19th Avenue, SW Calgary, AB

Tuition for one year is $1500, payable on
the first day of the course. Arrangements
may be made to pay in two instalments:
2/3 on the first day and 1/3 by post
dated cheque dated November 21, 2011.

Application fee ($75.00), room and
board for King’s Fold retreats (191.00
per weekend retreat), books, travel,
and cost of personal spiritual direction
are extra.

This course will be team led with input
from the following facilitators:

Cherie Tetz
Doug Schroeder
Brandon Ferguson
Andrea Kastner
Jeff Imbach
Steve Imbach

Credits for this course and for
the 18 month course in the Art of
Spiritual Direction may be applied
toward the Master of Arts in
Spiritual Formation at Carey
Theological College, Vancouver, BC.

For more information on dates, etc.
contact Brandon Ferguson at:



Calgary, AB.

Marjorie Remembers Blog
First Issue
June 9th, 2011

"The Day the Sun Died"


Calgary, AB.

An article to appear in
the Periodical of the
Anglican Diocese of Calgary
'The Sower' September 2011

"Metaphors in the Bible"

Several years ago, I wrote an article
about the two metaphors that tend to
dominate in  the scholarship and
practice of education: the child as
a tender plant that needs careful
nurturing  and the child as clay that
needs repeated, firm moulding. The
article was published in Comparative
Education Review (1985). the leading
journal in my specialized field.

Since then, I have been especially
interested in the way metaphors and
another figure of speech, similes
(sibling to metaphors) are used by
the authors in the Bible. Metaphors,
let us recall, implicitly compares
one less familiar thing to another
more familiar thing in a way that
assists our understanding. Metaphors,
when aptly used, add colour and spice
to one's personal writing style.

We use metaphors explicitly and
implicitly more often than we know.
For example, the sentence “I have
invested a lot of time in developing
her faith” carries a hidden metaphor
that says time is money. Authors of
the books of the Bible have used to
different kinds of metaphors which
we need not go into here. They have
struggled to depict God, an abstract
entity, in familiar terms, for example,
as our refuge (Psalm 7:1), as rock
(2 Samuel 22:3) and as Father
(2 Corinthians 1:2)

Let us look at a very familiar metaphor:
God as a shepherd, as in “The Lord is
my shepherd.

This is a powerful metaphor that comforts
us even though we have probably never seen
a shepherd or even seen sheep grazing in
an open field. In Alberta's cattle country,
would it make more sense to say that the
Lord is my cowboy? Doesn`t sound right
because "cowboy" does not connote the same
meaning for us that we have been taught as
Christians to associate with the notion
of a caring shepherd.

Let us see how David, as psalmist, carries
the metaphor of the shepherd through the
short, beautiful twenty third psalm. In
the first four verses, David compares God
as one who makes him lie down in green
pastures; leads him beside still waters;
takes him to the right paths; provides
solace in the darkest valley, and, whose
very rod and staff give him comfort. Then,
David does not stretch the metaphor of the
shepherd which may have compromised its
ability to help our thinking. Instead, in
verses five and six he switches metaphors
to show how God is a gracious (almost human)
host who lives in a house and shelters
David from enemies and takes care of him.
David is also careful not mix metaphors and
cause confusion to the reader or listener
as, if I say say Jesus is the clay that
washes our sins. Metaphors also change.
The sentence "His prayerful hands on my
head sent a shock wave through me," would
not have made much sense before we knew
about conducted electricity.

Metaphors, with their seductive powers can
also misleads us, unless we are careful.
If God is my shepherd, then, by definition,
I am a sheep. What does a shepherd do with
his flock of sheep? He will milk some of
them or shear them for wool or sell them
to be slaughtered for their meat. In these
instances, the metaphor of God as shepherd
or us as unthinking sheep is no longer

Knowing the limits of metaphors means that
we should not be stretching them or mixing
them up beyond their capacity to clarify
an idea or concept for us.

I learned much about the nature and limits
of metaphors from a short, brilliant 1980
book by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson,
"Metaphors We Live By" (U. of Chicago Press)


Chicago, IL

June 6th, 2011

"Who Lost Europe?"


Okanagan, BC

June 5th, 2011

"Morality that Equates Sex with Sin"


Toronto, On.

Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity
Audio Debates - "Canada's Culture Wars"



What Really is these Exercises?

The Christian Century
June 6th, 2011


Catholic Bishops are Not
What They Were Supposed to Be

By Richard McBrien

National Catholic Reporter
June 6th, 2011

(use Mozilla Firefox search engine)


What the Net seems to be doing is chipping
away my capacity for concentration and

The Atlantic
June 9th, 2011


What Harris has to say is warmed over

The Nation
May 16th, 2011
(recommended by Martin Marty)


Iqaluit Church Rising from the Ashes

Anglican Journal
June 6th, 2011


Sessions Will Hear Native Victim's Voices
June 7th, 2011


Not Following American Models There

The Tablet, UK
June 10th, 2011


Christians are Atheists - of Sorts

Ucan News
June 9th, 2011



ABC Religion and Ethics
(Australian Broadcasting Company)
June 10th, 2011

By Alister McGrath



Provided by ENI Service, Geneva

Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
6 June 2011

German church gathering ends
on note of reconciliation

Dresden, Germany (ENI news) - The biennial faith
gathering called the Kirchentag ended on 5 June
after five days of theological and political
discussions, concerts and a sense of reconciliation
in a city devastated during World War II. "It was
a Kirchentag where a new culture of participation
and shaping democracy was discovered. A Kirchentag
of active politics. A Kirchentag where we had open,
thought provoking debate, even if it was
controversial at times," Katrin Goering-Eckardt,
president of the Kirchentag and a prominent
politician said on 4 June.


Vatican says Irish abuse probe
finishes 'first phase'

Vatican City (ENI news) -A Vatican investigation
of clerical sex abuse in Ireland has finished its
"first phase," the Vatican announced on 6 June,
but a published report of its findings may not
appear until next year. The announcement came
four days after Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid
Martin said that he was "increasingly impatient
at the slowness in the process (of the probe)
which began over a year ago," Religion News
Service reports.


7 June 2011

New York exhibit examines 'the Man of Sorrows'

New York (ENI news) - An acclaimed exhibit ending
a four-month run in New York City has given art l
overs the chance to explore a single theme, Christ
as the Man of Sorrows, and the Venetian artistic
tradition that gave it full flowering. "Passion
in Venice: Crivelli to Tintoretto and Veronese"
at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan has
been a rare opportunity to see how the theme of
Christ depicted between death and resurrection
evolved throughout history.


Nudity in religious art: Godly or sinful?

Salt Lake City, Utah (ENI news) - The Rev. France
Davis doesn't want any nude Adam-and-Eve figures
at his Calvary Baptist Church -- even if they
were painted by Michelangelo himself. Davis is
unequivocal in his view that there is nothing
inspiring or redeeming about naked figures in
religious art. "Since we sinned, as it said in
the book of Genesis, the human body has certain
parts that are private," the pastor said. "We
should keep them for more intimate settings
like people's bedrooms." Davis is hardly alone
in that view, reports the Salt Lake Tribune via
Religion News Service.

Indian churches deplore crackdown on
anti-corruption protests

Bangalore, India (ENI news) - While endorsing
criticism of the midnight police crackdown
that ended a massive fast against corruption
led by yoga guru Swami Ramdev, Indian churches
have expressed concern over what they see as
politicization of the anti-corruption campaign.
"We condemn the police action that could have
been avoided. We are also worried about the
politicization of the protests," the National
Council of Churches in India (NCCI) said in a
7 June statement. Religious leaders fear that
members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),
the main opposition party, are using the
protests to attack the governing Congress

Palestinian and Israeli leaders
condemn mosque attack

Jerusalem (ENI news) - Israeli and Palestinian
politicians condemned an arson attack on a
West Bank mosque on 7 June, but Palestinians
also accused Israel of "turning a blind eye"
to the attacks, which they suspected were
carried out by Jewish settlers. According to
reports, the fire began in the mosque of the
West Bank village of al-Mughayyir northeast
of Ramallah, in the early hours of the
morning and was discovered by Palestinian
worshipers who had come for morning prayers.


8 June 2011

Lutheran community seeks to redefine path
at meeting in Geneva

Geneva (ENI news) - At a meeting taking place
from 9 June through 14 June in Geneva,
members of the Lutheran World Federation
(LWF) will vote on adopting a strategic plan
for the years 2012 through 2017 that places
greater focus on responding to emergencies,
especially those having to do with the
environment. The new focus also includes
proposals for increasing the role of youth
and creating financial sustainability.
"There is a need to explore how to get
involved in advocacy work that is linked
to climate change," said LWF General
Secretary Rev. Martin Junge, who is leading
the renewal process. Under the proposal,
Lutheran churches hope to be able to better
respond to human suffering through
oordinated actions with partners.


Egyptian Christians fearful
of security situation

Jerusalem (ENI news) - The security situation
in Egypt has "deteriorated considerably" since
former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down on
11 February, leaving a security vacuum and
Christians feeling "threatened more than ever,"
according to aid workers. "Security is still not
where it needs to be to give people a greater
sense of personal safety.  Undoubtedly, there
has been an increase in the tensions between
Muslims and Christians since Mubarak stepped
down ... All Egyptians, not just [Coptic
Christians], feel more insecure these days,"
said Jason Belanger of Catholic Relief.


African faith leaders call for action
on climate change

Nairobi, Kenya (ENI news) -World leaders
must set binding targets for phasing out
fossil fuels and reduction of greenhouse
gas emissions to less than one degree
centigrade as a measure of slowing down
global warming, African faith leaders
have said. The leaders, meeting under
the auspices of the All Africa Conference
of Churches (AACC) and the Programme for
Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa
(PROCMURA), gathered from 7-8 June at
the United Nations complex in Nairobi.
They discussed how climate change will
be addressed at the 17th Conference of
Parties (COP) to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change
meeting in Durban, South Africa in


9 June 2011

Pakistani court postpones trial in
2009 attacks on Christians

Bangalore, India (ENI news) - Nearly two years
after ten Christians were killed and nearly 100
houses burned in the Punjabi town ofGojra, a
special court has suspended the trial of
suspects in the carnage after a key witness
fled Pakistan. The Anti-Terrorism Court in
Faisalabad also granted bail on 7 June to
the last three of the 66 suspects (others
had been already released on bail) who were
arrested in connection with the incident
in August 2009.

Lutheran federation president urges members
to pursue justice

Geneva (ENI news) - The president of the
Lutheran World Federation, (LWF), Bishop
Munib Younan, urged members to pursue
justice in the world, as the federation's
governing Council considers a strategic
plan for 2012 to 2017. "We must never
shy away, nor be intimidated by political
pressure, from confronting issues of
justice. Rather, we must address these
issues head on, whether they are
individual, societal, religious or
political in nature," said Younan.



Provided courtesy of

June 6th, 2011

"If we could read the secret history of our
enemies, we would find in each [human's]
life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm
all hostility."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


June 7th, 2011

"Imagine a world where the representatives
of the greatest military power on earth are
humbled by an unarmed healer from the
backwaters of Galilee. If you can imagine this
kind of world, you possess -an imagination
ready to discern the reign of heaven."

- Stanley Saunders


June 8th, 2011

"'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs
is the kingdom of heaven.' Do I fear being
poor, in spirit or otherwise, and prefer to
be rich in brains, money, or influence? Is
my desire for poverty of spirit congruent
with my lifestyle? Do I use the word of God
to rationalize my lifestyle, or am I willing
to have God's word criticize it? Do I cling
to my own ideas, opinions, and judgments
sometimes to the point of idolatry?"

- Doris Donnelly


June 10th, 2011

"The time to show up fully for life is
right now, whatever the circumstances.
The decision to be the divine attracts
the divine. Life is a swirling pool of
infinite potential at every single
moment, and we ourselves either
activate or refuse to activate the
mystical fertility of the universe."

- Marianne Williamson, "Everyday Grace"



June 4, 1989, Chinese army troops stormed
Tiananmen Square in Beijing to crush the
pro-democracy movement; hundreds - possibly
thousands - of people died.


June 6, 1944, the D-Day invasion of Europe
took place during World War II as Allied
forces stormed the beaches of Normandy,


June 7, 1929, the sovereign state of Vatican
City came into existence as copies of the
Lateran Treaty were exchanged in Rome.


June 8, 1968, authorities announced the
capture in London of James Earl Ray, the
suspected assassin of civil rights leader
Martin Luther King Jr.



Hope is about the possible.
Despair is about the impossible.

- Thomas Aquinas


We despair when we see no way out.
Those who maintain hope are always
looking for possibilities, for angles,
for creative solutions, for alternatives.

- Matthew Fox


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