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Colleagues List, July 21st, 2012

Vol. VIII No. 2


Wayne A. Holst, Editor


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Dear Friends:

This is my first full issue of
Colleagues List after a brief
hiatus in June. I have included
articles saved from May through 
the present in this issue.

Also included for the first time 
in this issue is my full teaching
program (five activities) for the 
fall at both the church and 
university. Some of these I share
with my teaching colleague Jock
McTavish and my wife Marlene.


Special Item this issue:

"After Imperialism -
Christian Identity in China"

This book represents a worthy 
development in evangelical 
mission theology.


Colleague Comment this week comes
from two supportive friends who
speak to contents in my last issue.

Doug Shantz - on John Henry Newman
Gary Nickel - on Martin Marty
(read below)


Colleague Contributions - the
following three regulars provide
interesting articles this week:

Jim Taylor - on the end of life

Ron Rolheiser - on moving beyond bad habits

Martin Marty - on Father Andrew Greeley


Net Notes:

"On Snake Handling" -
An assessment of the strange rite 
by an American fundamentalist group 

"Listening to Jerry" -
Perhaps it's time we listened
to the voice of an abuser
(America Magazine)

"Common Ecumenical Vision" -
The World Council of Churches
keeps working on consensus
(Anglican Journal)

"Latest Global Christian Stats" -
The Pew Foundation reveals its
most up-to-date report (UCA News)

"The Healing Power of a Handshake" -
An intriguing reflection on the
meaning of a common gesture in
special circumstances (The Tablet, UK)

"Cuts Will Hinder Refugee Sponsorship" 
The current Canadian government has
been challenging traditional views in 
support of New Canadians (Anglican Journal)

"Science and Religion in Quest for Truth"
Here is a review of a new book on the
subject by John Polkinghorne 
(America Magazine)

"'God Particle' - Science/Religion Debate"
New discoveries at CERN in Geneva open up
a new dimension of science/faith dialog
(The Christian Century, The Tablet, UK)

"Leaky - Evolution Issue to be Soon Settled"
Atheist scientist predicts the end of more
challenges from conservative Christians
(CBC News)

"US Nuns - Get Heroes Welcome Back from Rome"
The sisters went to Rome to give an account.
They returned as national heroes
(UCA News, America Magazine)

"Major Catholic Schism Ahead Says Theologian"
Respected Catholic historian sees danger ahead
in for his church (UCA News)


Global Faith Potpourri:

This week I offer fourteen news stories that
have appeared this summer and are provided 
by Ecumenical News International, Geneva


Wisdom of the Week:

Provided by Sojourners Online:

Read special insights from -

Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes,
Jackie Robinson, Richard Rohr,
Francis de Sales, René Padilla,
Corrie Ten Boom, Cesar Chavez,
Osip  Mandelstam, Thomas Merton,
Nelson Mandela, Swahili Proverb,
Mother Teresa (read below)


On This Day;

Provided by the New York Times -

July 16, 1918 - Russia's Czar Nicholas II, 
and family were executed by the Bolsheviks.


July 18, 1936 - the Spanish Civil War began 
as Gen. Franco leads uprising in N. Africa.


July 19, 1941 -  Churchill launched his 
"V for Victory" campaign in Europe.


Closing Thought - Mechtild of Magdeburg


It's good to be writing for you again.
Please send me your thoughts and the
email addresses of new Colleagues List 



St. David's and ACTS Ministry Announce:

Our Spiritual Travelers Tour for 2013

April 22nd - May 8th, 2013

Tour sale begins with deposit starting summer 2012.
Full payment due, January, 2013.

Our major tour themss are: Classic Greek and Roman,
Early Christian, Muslim-Christian and the beautiful
scenery of the Mediterranian coast of SW Turkey. 

*Enjoy Istanbul (Constantinople) long a link between 
East and West.

*Classical cities like Troy will be visited and 
intriging ancient sites will be revealed.

*Pilgrims from many of the regions we will visit 
were present in Jerusalem at Pentecost - people 
from "Mesopotamia, Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia" -
(Acts 2.)

*Saint Paul founded churches in many of the centers 
of central and western Turkey and we will spend 
quality time in places like Ephesus.

*We will come to know cities mentioned in the
Book of Revelation (chapters 1-3) by Jobn. 
Cities like Pergamon, Thyatira, Philadelphia, 
Sardis and Smyrna


Details such as costs and prep notes will be 
provided in a customized travel brochure which
will be sent to all who have expressed interest.
They will also be posted and on the St. David's 
Spiritual Travelers Discussion List Group as 
they become available. 

The Listgroup is your place to express yourself!

To join our unique internet discussion contact:
Deb. Charnusaki -

Your tour hosts:

Marlene and Wayne Holst (or)


NOTE: David Rostad will visit St. David's
for a Special Turkey Tour Information Night
Monday, September 10th, 2012.

This event will serve as the official "launch"
of the tour.

All are welcome!


Fri. Sept. 21st-Sun. Sept 23rd, 2012

Special Guest: 
Mary Jo Leddy, Romero House, Toronto.

Watch for new information on this
special weekend focused on Canada's
policy for welcoming new Canadians
as information becomes available.




Tuesday Night University Study sponsored
by the Faculty of Continuing Education:

Early Christianity. Cont Ed Course 198-001

Ten Sessions - Sept. 25 - Nov. 27th.

Click this link for costs and details:


Faith and Spirituality Centre Fall Study
Sponsored by the Christian chaplains of
the University of Calgary

A Study of Karen Armstrong's latest book.

Six Weeks - Oct. 19th - Nov. 23rd.
Native Centre Board Room, McEwan Student Centre
at the University of Calgary.

Cost of the book only: $15.



Monday Night Study:

Engaging the early Christian Church -

REVELATIONS - Visions, Prophecy and Politics
in the Book of Revelation, by Elaine Pagels

Ten Monday nights Sept. 17th - November 28th.
7-9 PM.

Cost of the course: $50.

Books on sale at the church, late August and
early September.



"'Wisdom' in the Biblical Literature"
  A Six week series running through 
  fall and winter. 10-11 AM

All welcome. No cost.



Contact us at: (or)
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An accumulation of thirty-five books studied
since 2000 can quickly be found at:

This collection of study resources represents
more than a decade of Monday Night Studies at
St. David's, plus extra courses too!

You are welcome to use our course outlines,
class notes and resource pages in your personal
and group reflections.



Christian Identity in China
and the Global Evangelical Movement
Edited by Richard R. Cook/David W. Pao. 
Pickwick Publications. Wipf and Stock, 
2011. $25.66. ISBN #976-1-60899-336-9.

Publisher's Promo:

This collection of essays is committed to 
the belief that evangelicalism continues to 
have the historical assets and intellectual 
(hermeneutical and theological) tools able 
to contribute to the global church.

Evangelicalism possesses assets with 
explanatory power to address significant 
theological and cultural issues arising 
out of the churches in the Global South. 
Evangelical approaches to contextualization 
and biblical studies can produce valuable 
fruit. Therefore in May 2008 over a dozen 
evangelical scholars (Chinese and Western) 
from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, 
came together to address issues of Christian 
and evangelical identity. The "Inter-Cultural 
Theological Conversation" was titled "Beyond 
Our Past: Bible, Cultural Identity, and the 
Global Evangelical Movement." 

This set of papers from the conference 
demonstrates the value of the careful 
balancing of judicious appropriation of 
the social sciences and thorough biblical 
inquiry. Questions of evangelical identity 
in China and around the world are addressed 
from the disciplines of history, biblical 
studies, as well as systematic theology/


Editors' Words:

These (very penetrating) essays arise from a
commitment to the belief that evangelicalism
continues to provide the historical assets 
and intellectual tools for the global church.

(Here) you will find a judicious appropriation
of the social sciences and thorough biblical

(We present) a Chinese perspective on the 
historical background to the introduction
of Protestant Christianity into China. The
author (Ka Lun Leung) shows the close ties
between the Christian missions movement and
the grwoth of imperialism in China, and spells
out the long term consequences in the life of
Chineses Christians and churches as a result
of linking missions and imperialism. (Related 
essays are also included in this section.)

The second part of the book focuses on the
Bible. Here, we learn to attend to the
Ancient Near Eastern cultures of the biblical
texts. (This section shows the need for a
correlation of biblical scholarship in the
West and its ramifications for the churches
of the biblical south.)

The third and final section includes three
case studies of contextual theology. (Here
we learn of both fidelity to the Bible and 
the appropriate use of the social sciences
to address the thorny questions of identity
and contextualization.

One contributor, David Lee, finds help from
Chinese wisdom in avoiding the narrow
understanding of Christ that has emerged in
the West. (Chinese Christian thinkers are
able to) triangulate scripture, culture and 
the world of wisdom.


The dialog on which this book is based
brought rich insights into the Bible,
theology and the future of evangelicalism.
We come away encouraged that evangelicals
could continue to contribute to the global
churches and help pave the way for an
evermore fruitful global theological 

Perhaps Chinese evangelicals will lead the
way in showing their brothers and sisters
in God's family how to contextualize the
faith without domesticating it - how to
render the faith their own without 
repeating the sins of the past and
universalizing their social and cultural

- from the Introduction (Cook and Pao)


My Thoughts:

The appearance of a quality study such as
this one is an encouraging sign that a
younger generation of evangelical Christians
in east and west are not content to ignore
or condemn the world outside their spiritual 
communities, but are open to engage and use 
the tools of modern scholarship beyond 
biblical studies to deal with thorny problems 
arising from history, politics and culture.

At the same time, the evangelical gift of
strongly affirming and advocating Holy 
Scripture to the world in which we live, 
is strongly evident.

The twelve contributors to this collection
are constituted largely of Asian scholars 
living in the USA and Asia itself. Most of 
them are 'post-colonial' in terms of their 
experience - so that they can more honestly 
assess the realities of imperialism without 
having to defend or deny the church's 
missionary activity in China during that 
unfortunate time. This brings refreshing 
honesty and clarity to the discussion.

A book like this also presents and 
anticipates the emergence of a new force
in the Christian world of the future - 
Chinese Christian theology. Most of the 
contributors were educated in the west.
But things are going to change. More and
more - with the emergence of the indigenous
Church in China - we are going to hear
from theologians whose education has
been largely in the east.

We know of parallels - African, other 
Asian and Latin American theologies 
have been influencing our thinking for 
several generations. Now, Chinese 
theology - replete with the influence 
of ancient wisdom and culture - can be 
added to a future "Christian mix."

Our awareness of what the future holds is
limited, but a book like this gives me
a considerable amount of hope for a truly 
universal church.



I am particularly pleased to review this
book for Missiology - the academic 
journal of the American Society for
Missiology*. I have been a member of
that society for a generation, and 
have watched how evangelical theologians
have been joining members of the classic
"ecumenical" (Protestant and Catholic)
founders of the association. Their
participation has always been evident,
but a new generation and the broader
ecumenical and global nature of this 
mission group has become more evident.

* I will share my review shortly.


A book like this will be treasured by
"China Watchers" and those who are
interested in the ever-developing 
world of mission studies in our time.


Buy the book from

Buy the book from Wipf and Stock:



Calgary, AB.

June 14th, 2012

Hi Wayne,

Great to be getting your blog once again. 
Always stimulating.

I have a question about your comment on 
J.H. Newman, that Like many of the reformers 
(within and beyond Anglicanism) he was a 
defender of Protestant principles so that 
his reception within the Catholic Church is 
all the more remarkable.

I doubt his commitment to Protestant principles.
I have attached some notes I made a while back 
in a lecture on Newman.

All the best,



From Ian Ker, The Achievement of John Henry 
Newman. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre 
Dame Press, 1990, pp. 106-109.

- Some regard Newman's Lectures on Justification 
(1838) as his most profound theological writing.  
(Ker, p. 106)

- Here Newman seeks to find a “Via Media” between 
Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, between “the 
erroneous idea of justification by faith only” and 
the “defective theory of justification by obedience.”

Both are partially right:

Protestants are right that we are saved by what 
Christ is shows that works are not a condition 
of our salvation;

Roman Catholics are right that we are saved 
by what we are..." ie. The Roman scheme is closest 
to the truth: “Justification consists in love, or 
sanctity, or obedience" and to be justified is not 
just to be counted righteous but actually to be 
made righteous.”

- Newman: Justification means both God’s justifying 
and man's being justified.

In justification there must be “an inward divine 
presence or grace, of which both faith and spiritual 
renovation are fruits.” (p. 108)


Ft. Saskatchewan, AB

June 9th, 2012

Hi Wayne,

Great mailing as usual.

Also you can use or adapt this if you want:
I read through Martin Marty's "The Gospel 
According to the Other Mary", beyond his 
commentary on the artist's work and similar 
works to his last two paragraphs which have 
some very interesting observations about a 
topic that many of us wonder about 

He speaks of the non-religious and non-
believers who are drawn to the Jesus story 
and issues of faith, and then on to what 
many of them have done and do which really 
enhances the Christian faith.  He closes 
this gem with, "Believers may regret their 
inability to believe, but then say or chant 
"thank God for them"."  Thanks to MM, for 
taking us where we sometimes wonder.





Okanagan, BC

Personal Web Log

Sunday May 20, 2012

"What Happens When Life
 is no Longer Worth Living"


Wednesday July 18, 2012

"Heretical Notion - The Bible Can Be Wrong"


San Antonio, TX

Personal Website
June 10th, 2012

"Moving Beyond Bad Habits"


Chicago, IL

May 28th, 2012  

"Father Andrew Greeley"




June 14th, 2012

"On Snake Handling"
by Seth Perry


Child Abuser Tells His Story

America Magazine
July 16th, 2012


New Ecumenical WCC Statement

Anglican Journal
July 18th, 2012


Pew Forum Report

UCA News
July 16th, 2012



The Tablet (UK)
June 30th, 2012


Church Officials Concerned

Anglican Journal
July 9th, 2012



New Book by John Polkinghorne

America Magazine
June 4th, 2012



The Christian Century
July 16th, 2012

Confessions of a 
Religious Paleontologist

The Tablet, UK
July 21st, 2012



CBC News, May 29th, 2012


They Refuse to be Muffled

UCA News
July 17th, 2012



July 18th, 2012


The Context:


America Magazine
July 23rd, 2012



UCA News
July 11th, 2012



Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
13 June 2012

Dutch Christian group to appeal decision 
on "gay therapy"

(ENI news) - A conservative Dutch Christian 
foundation called Different said it will appeal 
a government order telling health insurers they
 are not obligated to offer reimbursement for 
the foundation's "therapies" offered to gay 
Christians. The group has not yet decided which 
legal procedure they will use for their appeal, 
director Henk van Rhee told ENInews on 13 June. 
"We expect to know the exact steps we will take 
within two to four weeks," he said, noting that 
denial of reimbursement could affect the 
organization financially. Different, which 
is part of a larger Amsterdam-based 
organization called For Salvation of the 
People, offers "therapies" aimed at people 
who are struggling with their homosexuality 
from a faith perspective.


18 June, 2012

Indian churches in Kerala explore 
"green" options

(ENI news) - Christians in India's southern 
Kerala state are exploring "green" options 
and linking the need for environmental 
protection to the practice of their faith. 
The majority Roman Catholic church recently 
approved an environmental policy titled 
"Towards Green Meadows" that calls for 
promoting eco-spirituality, nature 
conservation and waste management to build 
"a new culture in environmental conservation."


20 June, 2012

Faith groups concerned about civilians 
trapped in Homs, Syria

Geneva (ENI news) UN envoys, faith 
leaders and humanitarian groups, 
intensified international efforts 20 June 
to secure safe passage for about 800 Syrian
civilians, half of whom are Sunni Muslims 
and half Christians, trapped  in Homs, 
Syria by armed combat between government 
and opposition forces. The International 
Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said 
it and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent "are 
attempting to evacuate and otherwise 
assist people stranded ... by the ongoing 
fighting" between rebels and forces loyal 
to President Bashar al-Assad. 


22 June 2012

Russian Orthodox leader ends visit to China

(ENI news) - A top leader from the Russian 
Orthodox Church on 22 June wrapped up a 
visit to China, saying that the church 
hopes Orthodoxy may flourish in China despite 
present constraints. Metropolitan Hilarion, 
chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's 
department for external church relations 
(DECR), was on a working visit to China to 
explore Russian-Chinese religious cooperation. 
On 19 June, Hilarion led a delegation to 
Beijing for a consultation in which the 
"current status of religious organizations" 
in China was discussed, including the 
"complex issues associated with the position 
of Orthodoxy in China," as reported by the
DECR website. 


26 June 2012

U.S. mosques struggle to find 
American-born imams

Sharon, Massachusetts (ENI news) - The 
Islamic Center of New England (ICNE) has 
always been led by imams born outside 
America. The mosque would like to change 
that, but it's proving harder than leaders 
had thought. As this suburban mosque has 
discovered, American-born imams are nearly 
impossible to find. Ads from mosques 
seeking imams who are fluent in English 
are readily found in Muslim-American 
magazines and newspapers. The North 
American Imams Federation, an advocacy 
group founded in 2002, gets more than 
100 requests for help every year from 
mosques seeking religious leaders.


9 July 2012

Historian predicts "bright future" for 
Christianity, but warns of crisis in 

(ENI news) - A top church historian has said 
he believes Christianity faces a "bright future" 
worldwide, but predicted the Roman Catholic 
church will undergo a major schism over its 
moral and social teaching. "Christianity, the 
world's largest religion, is rapidly expanding
- by all indications, its future is very bright," 
said Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch, 60, professor of 
the History of the Church at Oxford University 
and an Anglican deacon. His book, "Silence in 
Christian History," will be published in the 
fall by Penguin. 


10 July, 2012

In Australia, Christians and Muslims mourn 
asylum seekers who perished

(ENI news) Ministers in Australia's third-
largest denomination have met with Muslims and 
their imams to jointly lament a group of asylum 
seekers who drowned while trying to reach 
Australia. At least 90 people died on 21 June 
after an overloaded and poorly maintained boat 
capsized near Christmas Island, off Australia's 
northwest coast, on its way from Indonesia. The 
remaining 200 passengers were rescued, according 
to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. 
Six days later, 130 asylum seekers were rescued 
from another boat.


11 July 2012

Bible museum planned for Washington, D.C.

(ENI news) A large-scale Bible museum will open 
in Washington, D.C. within four years, reports 
Religion News Service. The announcement came 
from planners who have been touring the world 
with portions of their collection. Cary Summers, 
chief operating officer of The Museum of the 
Bible, a nonprofit umbrella group for the
collection of the billionaire Green family 
of Oklahoma, said they considered Washington, 
Dallas and New York but decided the nation's 
capital was the best location. The final name 
of the museum and its exact location have not 
been disclosed but planners hope to confirm 
a location later this summer.


12 July 2012

Reaction mixed to Episcopal Church's 
approval of same-sex rites

(ENI news) Gay and lesbian Episcopalians are 
celebrating their church's approval on 10 July 
of liturgical rites for blessing same-sex 
couples. But conservatives are threatening 
to take "drastic" steps to distance themselves 
from the Episcopal Church, reports Religion 
News Service. Episcopalians meeting at their 
triennial General Convention in Indianapolis, 
Indiana overwhelmingly approved the new rites. 
Lay members and priests voted 171-41 in favor 
of the same-sex blessings. Bishops voted 111-41, 
with three abstentions. 


13 July 2012

God particle" discovery ignites debate 
over science and religion

(ENI news) - The Higgs boson is perhaps better 
known by its sexier nickname: the "God particle." 
But in fact, many scientists, including the 
physicist for whom it is named, dislike the 
term, reports Religion News Service. In 1993 
when American physicist Leon Lederman was 
writing a book on the Higgs boson, he dubbed 
it "the goddamn particle." An editor suggested 
"the God particle" instead. One thing is clear: 
The 4 July discovery that marked a new chapter 
in scientific knowledge also reignited debate 
over the universe's origins - and the validity 
of religious faith as scientific knowledge 


16 July 2012

Russian patriarch calls for reconciliation 
in ceremony at massacre site

Moscow (ENI news) - Patriarch Kirill I of the 
Russian Orthodox Church spoke at a service on 
15 July to consecrate a church near a forest 
where thousands of Polish army officers and 
intelligentsia were massacred by Stalin's 
secret police in 1940. Kirill also remembered 
the thousands of Russians who were slaughtered 
there, many for their religious faith, and 
said the site should serve as a place to 
unite Russians and Poles. 


17 July, 2012

Scottish government delays decision 
on same sex weddings

(ENI news) - Gay rights campaigners expressed 
"disappointment" that the Scottish Government 
has delayed passing legislation that would 
recognize gay weddings while leaving faith 
groups free to choose whether they wanted to 
conduct such ceremonies. At the end of a two-
hour cabinet meeting 17 July in Edinburgh, a 
government spokesman said that no decision 
had been reached but that one would be made 
by the end of this month. 


19th, July 2012

UK Muslim leader expresses concern 
over German ruling on circumcision

(ENI news) - A Muslim leader in the United 
Kingdom warned today that anti-Muslim and 
anti-Jewish hatred will be fueled in Britain 
and other parts of Europe following a German 
court decision to prohibit circumcision. In 
an interview with ENInews, Ibrahim Mogra, 
assistant secretary-general of the Muslim 
Council of Britain, said he was "deeply 
concerned" about the ruling earlier this 
month from the District Court of Cologne 
stating parents could be prosecuted for 
causing bodily injury if they allow a 
child to be circumcised. 


Evangelical church in Brazil 
celebrates centennial

(ENI news) - The centennial of the 
evangelical presence among the indigenous 
peoples of Brazil is being celebrated at
the 7th National Council of The centennial 
of the evangelical presence among the 
indigenous peoples of Brazil is being 
celebrated at the 7th National Council 
of Evangelical Indigenous Pastors and 
Leaders, according to a news release 
from the Latin America and Caribbean 
Communication Agency. The event takes 
place from 18-22 July in Chapada dos 
Guimaraes, 65 kilometers from Cuiaba, 
the capital city of the state of Mato 
Grosso in Brazil.



Provided by Sojourners Online

June 14th, 2012

"There are years that ask questions 
and years that answer."

- Zora Neale Hurston


June 19th, 2012

"When peoples care for you and cry 
for you, they can straighten out 
your soul."

- Langston Hughes


June 20th, 2012

"A life is not important except in 
the impact it has on other lives." 

- Jackie Robinson


June 21st, 2012

"We do not think ourselves into new 
ways of living, we live ourselves into 
new ways of thinking." 

- Richard Rohr


June 27th, 2012

"Have patience with all things, but 
chiefly have patience with yourself. 
Do not lose courage in considering your 
imperfections but instantly set about
remedying them  every day begin the 
new task." 

- Francis de Sales


July 11th, 2012

"What is the value of a Christianity in 
which Jesus is worshipped as Lord, but 
Christian discipleship—"the way of Jesus"
— is regarded as largely irrelevant to life 
in the modern world?"

- René Padilla


July 12th, 2012

"Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the 
door of resentment and the  handcuffs of 
hate. It is a power that breaks the chains 
of bitterness  and the shackles of 

- Corrie Ten Boom


July 12th, 2012

"When you sacrifice, you force others to 
sacrifice. It's an extremely powerful weapon."

- Cesar Chavez


July 13h, 2012

"My turn shall also come: I sense the 
spreading of a wing."

- Osip  Mandelstam


July 16th, 2012

"What is my new desert? The name of it 
is compassion. There is no wilderness so 
terrible, so beautiful, so arid and so f
ruitful as the wilderness of compassion. 
It is the only desert that shall truly 
flourish like the lily. It shall become 
a pool, it shall bud forth and blossom 
and rejoice with joy. It is in the desert 
of compassion that the thirsty land turns 
into springs of water, that the poor 
possess all things."

- Thomas Merton, from "The Sign of Jonas"


July 18th, 2012

"My hunger for the freedom of my own people 
became a hunger for the freedom of all people, 
white and black. I knew as well as I knew 
anything that the oppressor must be liberated 
just as surely as the oppressed. A [person] who 
takes away another [person's] freedom is a 
prisoner of hatred ... is locked behind bars 
of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. I am not 
truly free if I am taking away someone else's 
freedom, just as surely as I am not free when 
my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and 
the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity."

- Nelson Mandela


July 19th, 2012

"Who trusts in God lacks nothing."

- Swahili Proverb


July 20th, 2012

"You can do something I can’t do. 
I can do something you can’t do. 
Together let us do something 
beautiful for God."

- Mother Teresa



July 16, 1918 - Russia's Czar Nicholas II, 
his wife and their five children were executed 
by the Bolsheviks.


July 18, 1936 - the Spanish Civil War began as 
Gen. Francisco Franco led an uprising of army 
troops based in North Africa.


July 19, 1941, British Prime Minister Winston 
Churchill launched his "V for Victory" campaign 
in Europe.




Do you want to have love?
If you wish to have love, 
then you must leave love.



Letting go is a message all mystics
teach us. Mechtild reminds us of a
deep paradox. We sometimes must leave
love if we are to have hove.

We need to let go of everything at
some point in time, and so we must
develop the art of letting go. We
will even have to let go of love,
as Mechtild reminds us.

What are my experiences of letting
go? What follows after that. Have I
had to let go of love? Why? Under
what circumstances? How did it change
me, transform me? To let go can be 
to grow.

- Matthew Fox "Christian Mystics"