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Colleagues List, March 10th, 2012

Vol. VII. No. 30


Wayne A. Holst, Editor


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Special Item in this Issue -

"Spiritual Travel"

Colleague Contributions:

Martin Marty
Erich Weingartner
Ron Rolheiser
Doug Shantz

Net Notes:

Are We Depraved?
Free Will Versus Fate
Boston College Sacks John Shae
Best Church Newsletter Bloopers
Kasmiris Do Not Trust Christians
Saint's Heart Stolen from Cathedral
A Hopeful International Women's Day
Westminster, Sistine Choirs Collaborate
Christchurch Cathedral to be Demolished
Vatican Added to US Money Laundering List
Jewish Survivor - Baptism for Dead Must Stop 

Global Faith Potpourri:

Nineteen ENI Geneva stories.

Wisdom of the Week:

Joan Chittister
Raïsa Maritain
Thomas Merton
Evelyn Underhill

On This Day:

Provided from the archives
of the New York Times

Churchill delivers famous "Iron Curtain" speech 
at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. (1946)

Russia's February Revolution began with rioting 
and strikes in St. Petersburg (1917)

Closing Thought - Clarissa Pinkola Estes 


Dear Friends:

This week, I am sharing with you an
update on the article "Sacred Sites -
Thoughts on Tourism as Spiritual
Enrichment" which first appeared here
last July -

As we begin to plan a St. David's
Travelers Tour to Turkey in April
and May of 2013, I continue to refine
what I believe makes spiritual travel
unique from other kinds of tourism.

"Spiritual Travel" (revised) appears
as my Special Item this week.

I am always happy to hear constructive
feedback to help make this piece better.

Colleague Contributions:

This week, we hear from -

Martin Marty (Chicago, IL) - who picks 
up on the Colleagues List piece on
"Revelation" by Elaine Pagels last week
and brings more depth to the story.

Erich Weingartner (Callender, ON)
- provides us with an update on North Korea
and we always appreciate the people he
selects to interpret the story for us.

Ron Rolheiser (San Antonio, TX) - shares
his thoughts on how we suspend our freedom
in order to focus on what must be done -
a piece on consecration in everyday life -
entitled: "Consecrated by Circumstance
and Need."

Doug Shantz (Calgary, AB) - announces
a special set of lectures next week
given by a Coptic scholar who visits
Calgary and area. Hopefully, I can share
some of his insights in a future issue 
of Colleagues List.

Net Notes:

"Are We Depraved?" - several weeks ago, I
wrote about the problems that traditional
scriptural language can cause us. Here is
an article that seems not to consider it
a problem (

"Free Will Versus Fate" - the modern
science and religion discussions have
brought the issue of free will to the
surface (Huffington Post Canada)

"Boston College Sacks John Shae" -
BC is one of America's leading Catholic
schools of higher learning. This week,
it made a decision to fire one of its
professors because of his commitment
to women's ordination (Boston Media)

"Best Church Newsletter Bloopers" -
these worship bulletin jokes are
always favorites (Book Browse Blog)

"Kasmiris Do Not Trust Christians" -
the people of Kasmir are unhappy with
attempts by Christian missionaries to
convert them (Uca News)

"Saint's Heart Stolen from Cathedral" -
Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican), 
Dublin, contains the relics of pre-
Reformation Irish saints, and one such 
relic was stolen this past week 
(The Guardian, UK)

"A Hopeful International Women's Day" -
A Thai woman shares her vision for her
grand-daughters during the week of
International Women's Day (Uca News)

"Westminster, Sistine Choirs Collaborate"
- read of an historic event as two great 
choirs work together for the first time 
(Zenit News from Rome)

"New Zealand's Cathedral to be Demolished"
- several earthquakes have caused the 
destruction of the Anglican Cathedral
in Christchurch, South Island, and a new 
one will have to be built (Anglican News)

"Vatican Added to US Money Laundering List"
- a classification that the Catholic Church 
will not celebrate and will work to eradicate

"Jewish Survivor - Baptism for Dead Must Stop"
- last week, we reported on the Mormon baptism
of Anne Frank. The backlash and Mormon response
was not long in coming (ENI, Anglican Journal)


Global Faith Potpourri:

This week, we have nineteen stories from
around the world provided by Ecumenical
News International, Geneva.

Wisdom of the Week:

Joan Chittister, Raïsa Maritain,
Thomas Merton and Evelyn Underhill
share their insights this week.

On This Day:

The New York Times offers stories written
as the news was breaking:

Churchill delivers famous "Iron Curtain" speech 
at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. (1946)

Russia's February Revolution began with rioting 
and strikes in St. Petersburg (1917)

Closing Thought 

This week, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, famed
writer of "Women Who Run With the Wolves"
fittingly concludes our edition written
during International Women's Day. 

Continuing lenten blessings,



St. David's and ACTS Ministry Announce:


April 22nd - May 8th, 2013

Tour sale begins with deposit starting June, 2012
Full payment due, January, 2013

More details such as costs to be made available 
in the Sunday worship guide and the St. David's 
Spiritual Travelers Discussion List Group as they
become available.

To join the list discussion contact:
Deb. Charnusaki -

Your tour hosts: 

Marlene and Wayne Holst (or)


Introducing the Full Program


"The Other Face of God:
When the Stranger Calls Us Home"

by Mary Jo Leddy

Ten Monday Nights - 
January 16th - March 26th, 2012

See the study schedule:

Information about the book from

Visit Romero House, Toronto on the web:

NOTE: Mary Jo Leddy is coming to St. David's
the weekend of April 20th-22nd. Watch for new
information as it becomes available.



Welcome to our -


Noon Hour Book Discussions for Faculty, 
Staff and Students Winter Series for 2012:

"An Altar in the World" by Barbara Brown Taylor

Discovering God in the ordinary experiences of life
March 2nd - March 30th - five Friday noon sessions

Time and Location for all sessions:
12:00 to 1:00PM in the Native Centre Board Room
Located above the Dairy Queen, Mac Hall Student's 

Led by: Wayne Holst, 
Coordinator of the ACTS Ministry, St. David's United
and a Faith and Spirituality Centre Liaison.

Cost of the book: $15.00 each

Join us this year for stiumlating campus discussions!

For more information: Adriana Tulissi 403-220-5451
Co-ordinator, Faith and Spirituality Centre, U. of 
C. -



Contact us at: (or)
St. David's Web Address -

Listen to audio recordings of Sunday services -



An accumulation of thirty-five books studied
since 2000 can quickly be found at:

This collection of study resources represents 
more than a decade of Monday Night Studies at 
St. David's, plus extra courses too!

You are welcome to use our course outlines,
class notes and resource pages in your personal
and group reflections.



Spiritual tourism is more than traveling as a 
group to visit, for example, Holy Land sites 
that purport to be the places where Jesus spent 
his time on earth.

We are appealing to intelligent and 
discriminating participants who will see 
the tour we offer as an opportunity to grow 
in faith and life understanding – in other 
words, to mature spiritually in the broadest 

Spiritual growth can involve us in many 
experiences within and beyond our familiar 

All meaningful travel involves planning, 
engagement and retrospective reflection. 
The cumulative benefits of such travel 
are considerable.



Spiritual travel is committed to a quality 
experience. It builds upon our past 
understanding and awareness.

It attempts to integrate the particular and 
universal, the personal and communal. It is 
grounded in Christian awareness, but open to 
other faith and meaning systems.



Many spiritual travelers are hard-working 
people who have invested in their lives and 
would like to venture into new areas that 
havenot been possible for them to engage 
in previously. 

A time comes when accumulating more gives way 
to wanting to enhance the quality of experience. 

Spiritual travel helps people define and 
integrate what is really important to them,
and especially while they still have the 
inclination, enthusiasm and financial
resources to enlarge their horizons.

Spiritual travel can help people to build 
a new dimension to their lives.



We all have hopes and expectations when 
undertaking a venture of quality spiritual 
travel. Most people will plan with 
considerable care.

This kind of venture is a special reward we 
give ourselves. But it is much more than a 
holiday. It provides us with "aha" moments 
that forever change and enrich us.

A trip of high quality requires the teamwork 
of professional travel companies (at home and 
abroad) competent tour hosts, guides, and bus 
drivers - as well as  accommodation and food 
specialists.  This quality does not come cheap, 
but the price does not have to be exorbitant. 

Even the best destinations can be disappointing 
if good preparation and teamwork is not in place. 
It pays to invest well in people. Our Rostad 
Travel advisors taught us that generosity breeds 

We have learned that those who benefit most from 
good spiritual tour have worked their way through 
healthy 'process of discernment' before, during 
and following the actual trip. 

Not everyone who wants to travel can do so at 
any given time. Health, frame of mind, financial 
viability - these and other factors are variables 
we need to recognize. A sincere intention to travel, 
however, can reward us in due course!

The good news is that there is always another 
opportunity for many of us. We discover places 
we'd like to revisit with more depth. There are 
also new places to be visited around the globe!  

Experience and awareness teaches us much about 
how to enjoy and improve spiritual travel.



Our generation of Canadians is the most 
privileged and globally sophisticated in 
history. University students now consider 
it normal to take at least some of their 
studies in at least one other foreign school 
where they learn to live and work in 
circumstances quite different from home. 
This results in worldview expansion. We 
encounter people from other races, cultures, 
politics, and faith traditions that are 
different from our own formative experiences.

Spiritual travel offers new perspectives and ways 
of living for those with eyes to see. We learn that, 
as at home, genuine people (as well as their 
opposites) can be found in different settings from 
our own. We realize our common humanity. Such 
discoveries help us refine our basic human values 
and the better understand the causes of human 

These epiphanies engage and open us to other ways 
of seeing and doing things. They can also help us 
to clarify, define and arrive at a better sense of 
who we are, personally and communally.

Some people like to travel alone, or in couples. 
Others need to do so in groups. There are strengths 
and weaknesses to engaging in various configurations.

The dynamic of traveling in a group of people we 
come to know better can be one of the most 
significant learning experiences in life. 



Some generations ago our great enemy in the West 
was Soviet Russia and Communist China. Today, we 
seem locked in a huge struggle with Islam.

We are becoming aware that there are other great 
religious and cultural philosophies beyond the 
Judeo-Christianity from which we have come. 

We are also learning that it is one thing to 
discover and relate to Animist, Hindu, Buddhist 
and Muslim neighbors next door. It is quite 
another thing to encounter the same faith 
traditions in the contexts from which they 
haveemerged. Increasingly, it is important 
understand the cultures that nourish and 
influence their worldviews.

We can better know and appreciate others by 
visiting the places from which other humans 
have come to engage us. Inter-faith understanding 
is also one of the best ways to envision and work 
for world peace. 

March, 2012                                                                                            
Wayne A. Holst



Martin Marty
Chicago, IL

"More on Revelation"

March 5th, 2012



CanKor Website

"A Glimmer of Hope
 in US-North Korea Relations"


"Progress in Korean Peace Process"

America Magazine
March 19th, 2012


San Antonio, TX

"Consecrated by Circumstance and Need"


Calgary, AB.

The Lebel Lectures in Christian Ethics
with Dr. Ramez Boutros, University of Toronto

"The Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt:
Literary & Archaeological Sources"

Monday, March 12, 2012  at 7:30 pm
St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church
292120 Wagon Wheel Blvd, Balzac

A mile north of Cross Iron Mills Mall; 
the blue dome past Costco


"Early Women’s Monasticism in Egypt"
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 12:30 pm
Evans Room, Rozsa Centre
University of Calgary



Another Take on Old Language
March 8th, 2012



Current Ethical Issue -
Am I My Genes?

Huffington Post Canada
March 7th, 2012


Progressive College "Toes Line"

Boston Media
March 7th, 2012



Book Browse Blog
March 7th, 2012

Blog: Church Bloopers   

For all of us who find humor in grammatical 
errors and are tickled by double entendres, 
here's our Top 30 countdown of church 
newsletter blunders:    

#30: Eight new choir robes are currently 
needed due to the addition of several new 
members and to the deterioration of some 
older ones.

#29: Next Sunday a special collection will 
be taken to defray the cost of the new carpet. 
All those wishing to do something on the 
carpet should come forward and do so.
#28: This evening there will be a hymn singing 
in the park across from the Church. Bring a 
blanket and come prepared to sin.  

#27: The class on prophecy has been cancelled 
due to unforeseen circumstances.  

#26: On behalf of Barbara Rutledge and her 
family, our sincere thanks to all those 
sending cards and flowers and contributing 
to the death of her husband.  

#25: A bean supper will be held on Tuesday 
evening in the church hall. Music to follow.  

#24: The Fasting & Prayer Conference 
includes meals.  

#23: Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM ... 
Please use large double door at the side 

#22:  It's Drug Awareness Week: Get involved 
in drugs before your children do.

#21: Don't let worry kill you off - let the 
Church help.  
To be continued...


Proselytism Not Appreciated

Uca News
March 6th, 2012


Relic Removed from Christ Church, Dublin

The Guardian
March 4th, 2012


Thai Woman Shares New Vision

Uca News
March 8th, 2012


Ecumenical Event Links RC/Anglican Choirs

Zenit News from Rome
March 8th, 2012


Earthquakes Take Toll

Anglican Journal
March 2nd, 2012


March 8th, 2012



Ecumenical News International
Monday, March 5th, 2012

Mormons warned against baptizing 
Holocaust victims, celebrities

Salt Lake City, Utah (ENI news) - 
Anne Frank, Simon Wiesenthal's parents, 
Gandhi, Daniel Pearl, Elvis. Mormon leaders 
are fed up. On 2 March, the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints' (LDS) governing 
First Presidency issued an unequivocal mandate 
to its members: Do not submit names of Jewish 
Holocaust victims or celebrities for proxy 
baptism. Doing so could cost Mormons access 
to their church's genealogical data or even 
their good standing in the faith, reports 
Religion News Service via the Salt Lake 
Tribune. "Without exception, church members 
must not submit for proxy temple ordinances 
any names from unauthorized groups, such as 
celebrities and Jewish Holocaust victims," 
LDS President Thomas S. Monson and his 
counselors wrote in a letter to all Mormon 


"Baptisms" Not Appreciated by Jews

Anglican Journal
March 6th, 2012



Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
5 March 2012

Christians, activists remember 
slain Pakistani minister

(ENI news) - Christians and human rights 
activists paid tribute on the 3-4 March 
weekend to Shahbaz Bhatti, former minister 
for religious minority affairs in Pakistan's 
federal cabinet, who was assassinated a year 
ago. Churches across Pakistan held special 
prayers in remembrance of Bhatti who was 
ambushed in his car and sprayed with bullets 
on 2 March in Islamabad, and secular groups 
such as Citizens for Democracy organized 
candlelight vigils and public observances 
in several cities. The 42-year old federal 
minister, who was Catholic, became a target 
for Islamic fundamentalists after he 
criticized Pakistan's blasphemy law, which 
carries harsh penalties for insulting Islam 
or the Prophet Muhammad. 

Congo explosion kills 200, 
destroys church 

(ENI news) - A series of ammunition 
explosions in the city of Brazzaville, 
capital of the Republic of Congo, on 4 
March killed more than 200 people and 
destroyed a Roman Catholic Church. The 
explosions originating from the national 
arms depot tore though a densely populated 
neighborhood in the outskirts of the city, 
flattening houses, bringing down roofs and 
shattering windows. More than 1,500 people 
were injured. Government officials said the 
explosion was caused by a fault in an 
electrical system. 

6 March 2012

Latin American theologian 
Milton Schwantes dies at 65 

Brasilia, Brazil (ENI news) - Prominent 
Brazilian biblical scholar and author 
Milton Schwantes died on 1 March after 
a long illness. He was 65. A pastor in 
the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran 
Confession in Brazil, and a professor 
of the Old Testament at the Superior 
School of Theology (EST) in São Leopoldo 
in the 1970s and early 1980s, Schwantes' 
ecumenical witness influenced a generation 
of Brazilian and Latin American scholars, 
according to a report by the Latin America 
and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC). 

Christian Aid to join rapid 
disaster-response network in United Kingdom

London (ENI news) - Christian Aid, a London-
based organization that works to end poverty 
in nearly 50 countries, will be part of a new 
rapid-response network in the United Kingdom. 
The group of U.K.-based businesses and 
charities will respond to major international 
crises such as famine, floods, and earthquakes, 
according to a Christian Aid news release. The 
network, called the Rapid Response Facility 
(RRF), will mobilize life-saving support in 
the critical 72 hours following a humanitarian 
disaster by allowing quick access to funding. 

Don't lose sight of Middle East peace, 
U.S. religious leaders say

New York (ENI news) - With world attention 
focused on tensions between Iran and Israel, 
a coalition of Jewish, Christian and Muslim 
leaders reminded U.S. presidential candidates 
not to lose sight of the need for a peace 
agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. 
Citing the "core teachings of our traditions," 
the leaders affirmed on 1 March "with urgency 
that Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace is more 
vital than ever." The statement from the 
National Inter-religious Leadership Initiative 
for Peace in the Middle East, an advocacy group, 
came as U.S. President Barack Obama met with 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over 
ways to deal with Iran's nuclear capability. 
The statement was distributed more widely by 
the National Council of Churches (USA) on 
5 March. 

Italy considers taxing 
some church properties

Rome (ENI news) - Strapped for cash as it 
seeks to avoid falling victim to the European 
debt crisis, Italy's parliament is debating a 
controversial measure that will force church-
owned properties to pay property taxes. Prime 
Minister Mario Monti is under pressure to 
increase tax revenue, reduce government 
spending,and jump start growth. The proposed 
measure would tax church-owned properties that 
are used for a profit-making venture, such as 
a hotel, restaurant or store. 


7 March 2012

Head of Episcopal school in U.S. 
killed in murder-suicide

(ENI news) A Spanish teacher who had been 
fired earlier in the day on 6 March shot 
and killed Dale D. Regan, the head of 
Episcopal School in Jacksonville, Florida, 
on the school’s campus and then turned the 
gun on himself. No students were injured 
at the grades 6-12 (ages 11-18) school, 
Episcopal News Service reports. Police 
said Shane Schumerth, 28, carrying an 
AK-47 rifle in a guitar case, went to 
the administrative office and shot Regan 
several times before killing himself, 
according to a report from News4 
television station. 

Panama churches seek end
to violence in mining dispute 

Panama City, Panama (ENI news) - Church 
leaders in Panama are calling for cooler 
heads to prevail after new violence erupted 
during protests over government-approved 
copper mining and dam projects on land 
inhabited by Panama's indigenous Ngabe-
Bugle people. Negotiations between the two 
sides have been suspended, so officials
can investigate the effects of the Barro 
Blanco dam project on the Tabasara River, 
the Latin America and Caribbean Communication 
Agency (ALC) reported. Talks are set to resume 
12 March. 


Religious minorities subject 
to cruel treatment, UN expert says

Geneva (ENI news) - Religious minorities 
imprisoned for their beliefs have been 
subject to torture and other cruel treatment 
in Iran, Afghanistan, China, Egypt among 
other countries, according to a report by 
the U.N. independent expert on torture. 
"We receive many complaints where the 
underlying factor is religious persecution," 
Juan Mendez, the U.N. special rapporteur on 
torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading 
treatment or punishment, told reporters in 
Geneva on 7 March. Mendez said that some 
complaints also involve people being 
subjected to cruel forms of punishment 
for apostasy, or abandonment of a religion. 

South Sudanese face 
deadline to leave the north

(ENI news) - Sudanese Christians who have 
barely a month to leave the north or risk 
being treated as foreigners are starting 
to move, but Christian leaders are concerned 
that the 8 April deadline set by Islamic-
majority Sudan is unrealistic. Sudan in 
February announced the deadline for the 
former citizens it had stripped of 
nationality after South Sudan's January 
2011 vote to secede. The ultimatum will 
affect an estimated 500,000-700,000 people, 
mainly Christians of southern origin who 
still live in the north. 

Pakistan vows to support 
rights of religious minorities

(ENI news) - The government of Pakistan vowed 
to uphold the rights of religious minorities 
in the Muslim-majority nation at a conference 
in Islamabad that marked the first anniversary 
of the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, former 
federal minister for minority affairs. "We are 
making all-out efforts to impart the sense of
equal citizenship so far as fundamental rights 
pertaining to safety, security, honor, life, 
liberty and properties of the (religious) 
minorities are concerned," declared Prime 
Minister Syed Yusuf Raza  Gilani on 6 March 
at the conference. It was organized by the 
All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, which 
Bhatti helped found.


8 March 2012

Female Lutheran pastors in Mexico 
see gender as a strength

Mexico City (ENI news) - As the world marks 
International Womens Day on 8 March, the women 
pastors of the Mexican Lutheran Church - there 
are only three -- took time to reflect on their 
calling since being ordained in 2009, Lutheran 
World Information (LWI) reports. For the Rev. 
Sofia Deyanira Tenorio May, pastor of Grace 
Lutheran Church in Mexico City, being an 
ordained woman has been an experience 
reaffirming the unmistakable presence of 
God in her life.

Pope Benedict XVI, 
Archbishop of Canterbury to meet

Vatican City (ENI news) - Despite differences 
over women's ordination and a controversial 
Vatican initiative to woo back disgruntled 
Anglicans, Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop of 
Canterbury Rowan Williams will pray together in 
Rome on 10 March. The heads of the Roman Catholic 
Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion will 
celebrate vespers to mark the 1,000th anniversary 
of the Camaldoli monastery in Italy, which is 
revered by both Catholics and Anglicans, Religion 
News Service reports.

Report: Christians are half of world's migrants

New York (ENI news) - Christians comprise half 
of the world's 214 million migrants, those who 
have moved from their country of birth and are 
now living permanently in a different country, 
a new study has concluded. The study, "Faith on 
the Move: The Religious Affiliation of 
International Migrants," by the Washington, D.C.
- based Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion 
and Public Life, released 8 March, concluded 106 
million Christians constitute 49 percent of the 
world's migrants.

ACT Alliance report looks at successful 
gender equality programs in 13 countries

Geneva (ENI news) - Gender equality is central 
to meeting the needs of the world's poorest and 
most vulnerable people, says a report released 
on 8 March by the Geneva-based ACT Alliance, a 
global network of more than 125 organizations 
working in long-term development, humanitarian 
assistance and advocacy. The release of the 
report coincides with International Women's Day.


9 March 2012

Russian election sparks debate 
in Orthodox Church

Moscow (ENI news) - Vladimir Putin's election 
to a third term as Russian president has spurred 
debates about civil society and church-state 
relations within the Russian Orthodox Church 
since charges of vote fraud set off mass protests 
following last December's parliamentary elections. 
Andrei Desnitsky, a theologian who supports demands 
for fair elections, said that growing political 
activism among Orthodox Christians is a positive 
outcome of the situation. "Politically active 
Orthodox, who have finally begun to discuss with 
each other how to connect their political position 
with their faith, have gained from this," he wrote. 

Japan quake aftermath 
includes supernatural visions

Tokyo (ENI news) - Japan marks on 11 March the 
one-year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami 
that devastated the northeastern coast and killed 
up to 19,000 people. Many who lived through it say 
the horror lives on in the form of supernatural 
visions of those who died or are missing, and 
faith communities are endeavoring to give comfort. 
While 15,850 people are known to have died, an 
additional 3,287 are still listed as missing, 
according to the Japanese National Police Agency. 
Some survivors claim to have seen and heard the 
spirits of relatives and friends among the missing, 
who implore the living to allow them to rest by 
finding the bodies and giving them a proper funeral. 


German church publishes guidelines 
on interfaith marriage

Berlin (ENI news)- The Protestant Church of 
Hessen-Nassau in Germany has published 
guidelines for interfaith ceremonies to help 
clergy deal with the modern reality of communities 
where Christians and Muslims live side-by-side. 
"The number of mixed faith couples is increasing," 
said Susanna Faust Kallenberg, secretary for 
interreligious affairs for the church in an 
interview. "There is a challenge and a question 
that you have to answer, you can't ignore it."



Provided by Sojourners Online:

March 5th, 2012

"Dependence on God may be what is lacking in 
a society where consumerism and accumulation 
have become the root diseases of a world in 
which everything is not enough and nothing 

- Joan Chittister, from "The Rule of Benedict: 
  Insights for the Ages"


March 6th, 2012

"It is an error to isolate oneself.... If God 
does not call one to solitude, one must live 
with God in the multitude, make [God] known 
there and make [God] loved."

- Raïsa Maritain


March 8th, 2012

"And the wounded are healing,/
though in a place of flame./
The sick in a great ship/ 
Are riding. They are riding home./ 
Suppose the dead could crown their wit/ 
With some intemperate exercise,/ 
Spring wine from their ivory,/ 
Or roses from their eyes?"

- Thomas Merton, from 
  "A Responsory, 1948" in Selected Poems


March 9th, 2012

"Many people feel unaware of any guidance, 
unable to discern or understand the signals 
of God; not because the signals are not given, 
but because the mind is too troubled, clouded, 
and hurried to receive them."

- Evelyn Underhill



Provided from the archives
of the New York Times

On March 5, 1946 - Winston Churchill delivered 
his famous "Iron Curtain" speech at Westminster 
College in Fulton, Mo.


On March 8, 1917 -  Russia's February Revolution  
began with rioting and strikes in St. Petersburg.



"Fairy tales, myths and stories provide
understandings which sharpen our sight so
we can pick out and pick up the path left
by the wildish nature. The instruction found
in every story reassures us that the path has
not run out, but still leads women deeper, and
more deeply still, into their own knowing...
No matter by which culture a woman is
influenced, she understands the words 'wild'
and 'woman' intuitively.

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Stories and myths - the poetic language of
the spirit - can lead to the inner knowledge
we seek. Indeed, women of all cultures, Estes 
writes, recognize and understand "the words
'wild' and 'woman' intuitively."

When have you intuitively responded to
archetypes and myths? What stories have
instantaneously resonated in your soul?
What does the archetype of the Wild Woman
mean to you? Have you known women who
practiced or embodied the attributes and
talents you intuitively associate with it?

- Matthew Fox in "Christian Mystics"


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