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Colleagues List, March 3rd, 2012

Vol. VII. No. 29


Wayne A. Holst, Editor


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Special Item in this Issue -

St. David's Day, March 1st:

My Reflections on the Dedication 
of His Welsh Cathedral Shrine

Colleague Contributions:

Martin Marty

Gretta Vosper

Jim Taylor

Net Notes:

Should We Fear China?

Now Santorum Takes on JFK

Richard O'Brien's Online Archive
Elaine Pagels Revisits Revelation

Survey: Rich Less Likely to be Honest

UK Catholic Archbishop Supports Gay Masses

Condemned Iranian Christian is Still Alive

Rowan Williams Links Human Rights to Faith

Ossuaries - Are They Direct Links to Jesus?

Ron Sider - Social and Spiritual Transformer

American Islamic Worship Centers on Increase

Global Faith Potpourri:

Twenty-one ENI Geneva stories.

Wisdom of the Week:

Desert Fathers and Mothers
Charlotte Brontë
Henry Bugbee
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

On This Day:

George H.W. Bush declares "Kuwait is liberated, 
Iraq's army is defeated," and announced that the 
allies would suspend combat at midnight (1991)

Gun battle erupts near Waco, Texas, when Bureau of 
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents try to serve 
warrants on the Branch Davidians; four agents and 
six Davidians were killed in 51-day standoff (1993)

Closing Thought - Dorothee Soelle


Dear Friends:

This week, an important restoration
took place in St. Dsvid's Cathedral, Wales.
The historic shrine, - which existed for 
almost half a millennium in a state of 
disrepair - was restored and officially 

St. David's Day, March 1st served as the
launching time for a week of celebration.
As more pictures of the festivities are
posted to the site, those with a special
interest in such matters are encouraged
to return to see what was accomplished.

A group of pilgrims from St. David's
Calgary visited the cathedral last May.
They have a special interest in these
matters because they themselves 
contributed to the renovation. 

Colleague Contributions:

Martin Marty (Chicago) - joins the
discussion on what constitutes a 
modern Jew.

Gretta Vosper (Toronto) - announces
the publication of her new book on 
prayer for progressive Christians.
It is entitled "Amen" and I will
provide my thoughts about it to 
readers of this list shortly.

Jim Taylor (Okanagan) - writes of 
how the law of diminishing returns
applies to the important work of
eradicating diseases.

Net Notes:

"Should We Fear China?" - here is an
intelligent assessment of the shifting
trade and investment balances currently
affecting China and the West
(Miranda Global)

"Now Santorum Takes on JFK" - the
Catholic GOP candidate in the primaries
is causing no small amount of grief for
thoughtful Catholics (Boston Globe)

"Richard O'Brien's Online Archive" -
a columnist since Vatican II in the 1960's
O'Brien seems to coming close to the end
of his career. Here are his archives
(National Catholic Reporter)

"Elaine Pagels Revisits Revelation" -
the scholar who opened up Gnosticism to many 
of us turns her scholarship to the Apocalypse 
of St. John (Publisher's Weekly)

"Survey: Rich Less Likely to be Honest" -
an interesting study from down under on
the matter of honesty (ABC News)

"UK Catholic Archbishop Supports Gay Masses"
- the ranking head of the Roman Church in
the UK has a commitment to gay Catholics
(Catholic Herald, UK)

"Condemned Iranian Christian is Still Alive"
- world attention was trained this week on
the fate of an Iranian pastor and his death
sentence (Anglican Journal)

"Rowan Williams Links Human Rights to Faith" 
- during a visit this week to the Ecumenical
Centre in Geneva, the Archbishop of Canterbury
spoke of human rights and Christian faith
(Anglican Journal)

"Ossuaries - Are They Direct Links to Jesus?"
- bone boxes were the centre of much debate 
almost a decade ago. Now they emerge anew 
(Globe and Mail, Publisher's Weekly)

"Ron Sider - Social and Spiritual Transformer"
- a former classmate who has done much to
transform American evangelicalism regarding
social justice - is interviewed 
(Publisher's Weekly)

"American Islamic Worship Centers on Increase"
- growing numbers of Muslim worshipers  in
the US build growing numbers of mosques
(Anglican Journal)

Global Faith Potpourri:

This week, we are treated to a total of
twenty-one religious stories from around
the world, provided by Ecumenical News
Service in Geneva.

Wisdom of the Week:

Desert Fathers and Mothers, Charlotte Brontë,
Henry Bugbee and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel share
their insights with us.

On This Day:

The New York Times provides these stories
as they happened:

George H.W. Bush declares "Kuwait is liberated, 
Iraq's army is defeated," and announced that the 
allies would suspend combat at midnight (1991)

Gun battle erupts near Waco, Texas, when Bureau of 
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents try to serve 
warrants on the Branch Davidians; four agents and 
six Davidians were killed in 51-day standoff (1993)

Closing Thought 

Dorothee Soelle, a German feminist theologian, 
concludes Colleagues List for another week.



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This week we announce our planned tour for 2013
following our highly successful pilgrimage to 
the Celtic lands of Scotland, Ireland, Wales
and England in 2011.

On St. David's Day, March 1st, we celebrate with
the people of St. David's Cathedral, Wales who
dedicate a restored shrine to St. David. This
shrine was destroyed during the Reformation and
is now returned to a special place in cathedral
life. St. David's Celtic Tour folk contributed
to this restoration project.

More announcements to come on these matters.



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St. David's Web Address -

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An accumulation of thirty-five books studied
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This collection of study resources represents 
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You are welcome to use our course outlines,
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and group reflections.



My Reflection on the Dedication 
of His Welsh Cathedral Shrine

Last May, when 35 pilgrims from St. David's 
Calgary visited the cathedral dedicated to 
St. David of Wales, we learned that a special
project to restore an ancient shrine to the 
saint was in process of completion. We were
invited to contribute to this project, and
were able to provide a little more than $500.
(315 Sterling) toward a goal of 150,000 sterling.

From Wikipedia, I found the following about 
St. David and the cathedral shrine that bears
his name:

(quoting from this article)

David was buried at St David's Cathedral at 
St David's, Pembrokeshire, where his shrine 
was a popular place of pilgrimage throughout 
the Middle Ages. During the 10th and 11th 
centuries the Cathedral was regularly raided 
by Vikings who removed the shrine from the 
church and stripped off the precious metal 

In 1275 a new shrine was constructed, the 
ruined base of which remains to this day 
which was originally surmounted by an 
ornamental wooden canopy with murals of 
St David, St Patrick and St Denis of France. 
The relics of St David and St Justinian were 
kept in a portable casket on the stone base 
of the shrine. It was at this shrine that 
Edward I came to pray in 1284. During the 
reformation Bishop Barlow (1536–48), a 
staunch Protestant, stripped the shrine 
of its jewels and confiscated the relics 
of David and Justinian.


This week, on St. David's Day, March 1st
the newly renovated shrine was dedicated
as part of a series of services during
this festive season for the Welsh saint.

Click the following link to read of the
special event in cathedral history by
reading the information on the far right
column, and follow the links:

If you want more information about the
cathedral click here:


St. David's, Wales has been a pilgrimage
destination for more than a millennium and
we were honored to be included among the
many who have journeyed there.

For almost 500 years, however, the shrine
has fallen into disrepair, the victim of
a long history of defacement. The last of
these came during the period of the English
Reformation when "Bishop Barlow (1536–48), 
a staunch Protestant, stripped the shrine 
of its jewels and confiscated the relics 
of David and Justinian."

It is rumored that some of these precious
stones have ended up among the crown jewels
on display in the Tower of London.

How sad that alongside the Vikings and other
destroyers of great beauty, Protestant
reformers were among those who raped this
(formerly) Catholic cathedral.


Now, however, a new day has dawned, and
St. David's is once more a pilgrimage centre
as of old.

We are proud to have been part of this
historic restoration - not only as pilgrims,
but as concrete contributors to the new life 
that this cathedral shrine can now assume.

As pictures of this week's festivities are
posted to the cathedral website, return again
to that sacred place, hallowed by the
visitations of innumerable pilgrims from
across the centuries. 

Perhaps you too will want to visit this
place to see the many beautiful treasures
of Spirit, stone and sacred inspiration
that are there for all to enjoy!



Chicago, IL

"Who Are the Jews?"

February 27th, 2012


Toronto, ON

Announces the appearance 
of her new book "Amen"


Okanagan, BC

Personal Blog

"Finishing the Job"



Chinese "threat" or Western "demise?"

February 28th, 2012



US Catholics Bite Lips
Over Outspoken Candidate

Boston Globe
February 29th, 2012


45 Years of Columns Since Vatican II

His most recent columns can be found at: 

An archive of all his columns are here:


Gnostic Scholar on the Apocalypse 

Publishers Weekly
January 6th, 2012


Australian Survey Tests Premise

ABC News
February 28th, 2012



Catholic Herald, London
February 28th, 2012


World Attention Focused on Story

Anglican Journal
February 28th, 2012


Canterbury Speaks in Geneva

Anglican Journal
February 29th, 2012


Same Old, Same Old, or Solid Evidence?

Globe and Mail
February 29th, 2012


The Book Behind the Claim
"The Jesus Disccvery"

Publisher's Weekly
February 29th, 2012


From the Archives:

A Short summary of my review of "The Brother of Jesus" 
(Globe and Mail, April 26th, 2003)

Even respected authorities can be caught up and 
confused by the hype. What we are observing is a 
clash of focus and working styles. 

Journalists live in the news-moment and seek to 
promote public interest in "momentous discoveries." 
Scholars take years to formulate their conclusions.
They are not used to dealing with the public, but
rather work painstakingly within small guilds of 
shared interest.

When these approaches collide, chaos reigns.

The appearance and interpretations surrounding 
the ossuaries (bone boxes) - real or fabricated - 
promote popular intrigue and should lead to serious 
discussion, for example of how Jewish-Christian 
identities were formed two thousand years ago. 

Tactile connections to our religious ancestors focus 
attention on a strategic time in the shaping of both 
Judaism and Christianity as we now know it.

Faith is not something based on scientific proofs,
but it can be nurtured and enhanced by them.

So, may the contoversies continue!

(My full review is archived by the Globe and Mail
and can be purchased on their sight)

- Wayne



Publisher's Weekly
February 29th, 2012



Anglican Journal
March 1st, 2012



Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
24 February 2012

In Cameroon, faith leaders fear expansion 
of extremism from Nigeria

Yaounde, Cameroon (ENI news) - The campaign 
of violence in Nigeria carried out by the 
extremist Islamist sect Boko Haram has 
raised fears of religious extremism gaining 
a foothold in Cameroon, its neighbor to the 
east. Secular and religious authorities have 
warned against following a group that has 
been responsible for an estimated 450 
killings in 2011 and has stated it wants 
to replace Nigeria's secular government 
with Sharia, or Muslim, law to address 
poverty and injustice. In the latest 
incident, four policemen were shot to 
death on 23 February in the northern 
Nigerian towns of Kano and Minna, where 
the people are now "gripped by fear," 
according to the Times of Nigeria. 

Church-related group outlines key issues 
facing digital media platforms

(ENI news) - The World Association for 
Christian Communication (WACC), a 
church-related organization working for 
communication rights, has published a 
document that outlines ethical guidelines 
for digital media platforms, according to 
a news release. "The Internet is a vital 
part of today's communications scene. But 
it is under threat from governments intent 
on stifling freedom of expression and from 
global corporations intent on levying high 
charges for access," notes the release. 

More Israeli Jews express belief in God

Jerusalem (ENI news) - Almost 80 percent 
of Israeli Jews say they believe in God 
according to a recent survey, up from 76 
percent in 1999. The survey results 
reflect a marked move away from the 
socialist-secular ideals of the Eastern
European Jews who were the driving force 
behind the founding of modern Israel. 
The survey result "gives an answer to 
all those who said secular Zionism 
[support for a Jewish state] had made 
a secular religion. It shows that there 
is a tendency towards religiosity," said 
research analyst Ayala Keisser-Sugarmen. 

Public health is theme of 
2012 Fraternity Campaign in Brazil

Brasilia, Brazil (ENI news) - The Catholic
National Conference of Bishops of Brazil 
(CNBB) has launched a move to bring attention 
to the state of public health care in the 
nation. The objective of the 2012 Fraternity 
Campaign, which carries the slogan, "That 
health be spread on earth," was launched 
on 22 February, Ash Wednesday, according 
to a news release from the Latin America 
and Caribbean Communication Agency.


27 February 2012

Brazilian bishop and wife murdered

(ENI news) - Conservative Brazilian 
bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, who broke 
away from the established Anglican 
church, and his wife Miriam were killed 
on 26 February at their home in Olinda 
in northeastern Brazil, according to 
his diocese. The diocese, known as the 
Anglican Church - Diocese of Recife, 
said they died at about 10 p.m., local 
time. Reports on conservative Anglican
media said Cavalcanti was returning 
from a parish visit and that the couple's 
adopted son, Eduardo, is a suspect in 
the stabbing deaths. 

Rights advocates hail decision 
on former Salvadoran official

(ENI news) - Human rights advocates are 
hailing the decision by a U.S. immigration 
judge that clears the way for the 
deportation of a former defense minister 
of El Salvador for his participation in 
acts of torture and of murder, including 
the 1980 killings of four American 
churchwomen. The 23 February decision 
by federal immigration Judge James K. 
Grim, based in Orlando, Florida, 
sustained all charges the U.S. 
government had been seeking against 
the former official, General Eugenio 
Vides Casanova. 

Campaign for Liberian Christian 
state displeases faith leaders

(ENI news) -  At the precincts of Old 
Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia, 
Liberia's capital city, hundreds of 
civilians have been signing a petition 
that is seeking to make the West African 
country a Christian nation. But the 
campaign is being questioned by prominent 
Christian leaders who are cautioning that 
the change will split the country on 
religious lines and lead to instability. 
The leaders in Africa's oldest republic 
spoke after the petition was introduced 
on 18 February by The Liberia Restoration 
to Christian Heritage, a campaign group. 

Head of Islamic organization 
deplores killings in Afghanistan

Geneva (ENI news) - The head of the 57-nation 
Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on 
27 February condemned as "deplorable" a recent 
spate of violence and killings in Afghanistan, 
sparked in reaction to the burning of copies 
of the Quran by members of the U.S. military. 
"Of course killing is not acceptable, we 
condemn (it), it's deplorable, it's forbidden, 
and it's against all values. So nobody can 
defend that or can condone that. The most 
precious value is the value of human life," 
Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, 69, OIC secretary 
general, said at a news conference.


28 February 2012

Filipino church leaders raise concerns 
on "People Power" anniversary

(ENI news) - As Philippine president Benigno 
Aquino on 25 February led celebrations of 
the 26th anniversary of the "People Power 
Revolution" against former dictator Ferdinand 
Marcos, church leaders raised concerns over 
what they see as threats to religious freedom 
and human rights. "Church lay leaders, pastors, 
priests and nuns have been harassed or killed 
for doing their ministries especially [when] 
standing with the poor, oppressed, and 
marginalized," Fr. David Tabo-oy, evangelism 
and Christian education program national 
coordinator of the Episcopal Church in the 
Philippines (ECP), told ENInews.

Honduran church demands inquiry 
into horrific prison fire

(ENI news) - The Christian Lutheran Church
of Honduras (ICHL) is demanding an inquiry 
into a fire at the central jail in Comayagua 
that killed 350 prisoners on 14 February. 
The ICHL, a member of the Geneva-based 
Lutheran World Federation (LWF), also said 
it was praying for wisdom on the part of
the country's leaders as they decide how 
to safeguard the rights of prisoners, 
according to a news release from the 
LWF's information service, Lutheran 
World Information. 

After months of wrangling, occupiers 
evicted from St. Paul's Cathedral

London (ENI news) - Police in London on 
28 February evicted scores of demonstrators 
from a makeshift tent city they had erected 
outside historic St. Paul's Cathedral more 
than four months ago as part of a global 
protest against capitalism. After brief 
skirmishes in the operation that authorities 
launched before dawn, 20 protesters were 
arrested but most reacted largely peacefully 
as they were moved out, Religion News 
Service reports. 

Archbishop of Canterbury 
links human rights to faith

Geneva (ENI news) - The Archbishop 
of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, spoke 
on 28 February of the link that human 
rights must have with faith and of 
the responsibilities inherent in 
Christian unity in a day-long visit 
to the Ecumenical Center in Geneva. 
The responsibility of Christians who 
receive the gift of unity lies in 
"seeking a life in which no one is 
without the other," Williams told 
staff, visitors and governing members 
of the World Council of Churches (WCC) 
and other organizations based at the 


29 February 2012

New book explores a Jewish 
view of the New Testament

New York (ENI news) - A new edition of 
the New Testament has done what none 
other has done before - explain the core 
body of Christian writings through the 
lens of Judaism. "The Jewish Annotated 
New Testament," published by Oxford 
University Press, takes at its starting 
point the fact that the central figures 
in the New Testament -- Jesus, Mary, 
the apostle Paul, as well as the gospel 
writers - were Jewish and lived in a 
Jewish cultural milieu. 


New Zealand Christian leaders 
decry income inequality 

Wellington, New Zealand (ENI news)- 
Christian leaders in New Zealand are 
decrying the widening gap between the 
lowest and highest income earners, in 
a country that has one of the highest 
rates of income inequality among 
developed countries. The Salvation 
Army said it fears a permanent fracture 
in New Zealand society if policy makers 
continue along the path of concentrating
the nation's wealth and influence in the 
hands of a privileged few. 

In Japan, Shinto followers prepare 
to mark disaster anniversary

Washington, D.C. (ENI news) -Shinto 
priests throughout Japan are preparing 
to hold commemoration ceremonies on 11 
March to mark the one-year anniversary 
of the earthquake and tsunami that 
devastated the northeastern coast, 
attendees were told at a program at
Georgetown University. An estimated 
20,000 people were killed in the disaster. 
The Association of Shinto Shrines has 
issued a suggested prayer to be read 
during the ceremonies. That prayer, 
according to the Rev. Masafumi Nakanishi,
 a Shinto priest, describes the calamity, 
pleads that there be no more disasters 
and asks that people live peacefully. 

Forum on HIV/AIDS and hunger 
cites importance of faith groups

Geneva (ENI news) -Senior U.N. officials, 
business leaders, and development experts 
on 29 February praised faith groups' 
support of global efforts to fight HIV/AIDS 
and hunger but also stressed their continued 
support was vital in confronting daunting 
challenges ahead. During the forum, which 
was held at the Geneva headquarters of the 
World Health Organization and included the 
participation of Archbishop of Canterbury 
Rowan Williams, participants also praised 
the strong human rights-based approach 
taken by faith groups. 


1 March 2012

U.S. priest fired over Mass prayers 
fights to keep his job

Belleville, Illinois (ENI news - The Rev. 
William Rowe of St. Mary's Catholic Church 
in Mount Carmel, Illinois may not always go
by the book during Mass, but he is digging 
deep into the letter of church law in an 
effort to regain his post as parish priest. 
For decades, Rowe deviated from the language 
of the Roman Catholic Mass, tweaking sections 
of the scripted prayers when the words as 
written didn't connect precisely with what 
he planned to preach to his flock, reports 
Religion News Service via the St. Louis 
Post-Dispatch. The case has drawn widespread 
attention since a new translation of the Mass 
liturgy was released last fall by the Vatican.


Churches need to accommodate disabled 
persons, African scholars say

Nairobi, Kenya (ENI news) - Scholars 
from theological institutions in East 
Africa are challenging Bible publishers, 
distributors and translators to produce 
more texts in Braille, sign language 
and audio, in measures being proposed 
to improve training and integration of 
disabled persons. The 30 academicians 
from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania gathered 
from 29 February to 1 March in Nairobi to 
draw guidelines for teaching disabilities 
studies in theology schools.


2 March 2012

Quake-damaged cathedral in Christchurch, 
New Zealand to be demolished

(ENI news) - The earthquake-damaged Anglican 
Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand is 
beyond repair and will be demolished and 
replaced by a new cathedral with a different 
design, said Bishop Victoria Matthews on 2 
March. The 131-year-old landmark Christ 
Church Cathedral was severely damaged in 
last year's 22 February earthquake, which 
killed 185 people. The building sustained 
further damage from several aftershocks 
and had been cordoned off. 

Show restored Nuremberg trial 
film in schools, says British rabbi

(ENI news) - A historic film account of the 
post-World War II Nuremberg trials of Nazi 
war criminals will shortly go into general 
release in Britain and should be shown in 
secondary schools, said a prominent Jewish 
leader. "Although we cannot live in the past, 
it is important not to forget it," Rabbi 
Jonathan Romain, spokesman for the Movement 
for Reform Judaism in the U.K., told ENInews. 
The 90-minute film, titled "Nuremberg: Its 
Lesson for Today," was pieced together from 
an earlier account made by the U.S. Marine 
Corps in 1948 for the then-U.S. Department 
of War. 

Faith leader urges Lenten fast to 
protest mistreatment of tomato harvesters

Washington (ENI news) - The tomato retailer 
Publix insists on underpaying workers and 
forcing them to work in conditions "most 
of us do not and would not tolerate," said 
Rev. Michael Livingston, director of the 
National Council of Churches Poverty 
Initiative. Livingston, a former president 
of the National Council of Churches (NCC), 
called on churches to express their 
disapproval of Publix's policies by 
joining farm workers and the Presbyterian 
Hunger Program in a public fast on 5 March 
to urge the company to change its ways, 
according to an NCC news release. 

UN experts urge Pakistan to improve 
security for religious minorities

Geneva (ENI news) - Three independent 
United Nations human rights experts 
urged the government of Pakistan on 
2 March "to respond decisively" to end 
sectarian violence and improve security 
for religious minorities, following 
targeted killings of Shia Muslims in 
February. "These targeted killings once 
more display the appalling degree of 
religious hatred in a country where 
there seems to be a failure to protect 
the security of religious minorities," 
said Heiner Bielefeldt, Special 
Rapporteur on freedom of religion 
or belief, in a statement. 



February 27th, 2012

"A brother asked Poemen, 'What am I to do, 
for I become weak just by sitting in my 
cell?' He said, 'Despise no one, condemn no 
one, revile no one: and God will give you 
quietness, and you will sit at peace in 
your cell.'"

- "Sayings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers"


February 29th, 2012

“Gentle reader, may you never feel what I 
then felt! May your eyes never shed such 
stormy, scalding, heart-wrung tears as 
poured from mine. May you never appeal to 
Heaven in prayers so hopeless and so agised 
as in that hour left my lips: for never may 
you, like me, dread to be the instrument of 
evil to what you wholly love.”

- Charlotte Brontë, from "Jane Eyre"


March 1st, 2012

“In abandoning the world we are lost; we are 
lost again and again. We may speak poignantly 
of the experience of being lost; but we cannot 
be clear about ourselves and our situation in 
so far as our thinking is dominated by that 
experience. Disillusionment with the world 
knows nothing of the sacrament of co-existence. 
It can find no place for the sacramental act. 
It can conjure out of itself no philosophy of 
action, for its ultimate implication is 

- Henry Bugbee, from "The Inward Morning"


March 2nd, 2012

"For me it is essential to have the inward 
peace and serenity of prayer in order to 
listen to the silence of God, which speaks 
to us, in our personal lives and in the 
history of our times, about the power of 

- Adolfo Pérez Esquivel



Provided from the archives 
of the New York Times

On Feb. 27, 1991 - President George H.W. Bush 
declared that "Kuwait is liberated, Iraq's army 
is defeated," and announced that the allies would
suspend combat operations at midnight.


On Feb. 28, 1993 -  a gun battle erupted near 
Waco, Texas, when Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco 
and Firearms agents tried to serve warrants 
on the Branch Davidians; four agents and six 
Davidians were killed as a 51-day standoff began.



"In feminist theology therefore, the issue is not
about exchanging pronouns but about another way of
thinking about transcendence. Transcendence is no
longer to be understood as being independent of
everything and ruling over everything else, but 
rather as being bound up in the web of life...
that means that we move from "God-above-us" to
"God-within-us" and overcome false transcendence
hierarchically conceived. 

- Dorothee Soelle

Soelle points out that there is such a thing
as "false transcendence" that derives from a
"God-above-us" attitude. We can overcome it
with a "God-within-us" perspective.

How different, then, is this understanding of
transcendence from that of rugged independence
that "rules over everything else." Is this kind
of transcendence not more about humble acceptance
than ego-driven superiority?

- Matthew Fox in "Christian Mystics"


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