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Colleagues List, July 9th, 2011

Vol. VII. No. 1


Wayne A. Holst, Editor


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In This Issue -

Special Item This Week:

"A Short Reflection on My
 Planned Summer Reading"

Colleague Comments:

Arthur Bauer
Hardy Schroeder
Bob Todd

Colleague Contributions

Martin Marty


Net Notes:

Borg-Crossan in Alberta
British Royals Conquer Canada
Marriage Series: The Next Chapter
Indian Leader Lauds Christian Education
Treasure Trove Found Under Indian Temple
South Korea Again in Stem Cell Spotlight
Austrian RC Priests Call for Disobedience
Church Leaders in the North Offer Apologies
Sinclair: Survivors Can Insure Better Future
Schuller Loses Vote at His Crystal Cathedral


Global Faith Potpourri:

Thirteen ENI Geneva stories this week.

Quotes of the Week:

Maya Angelou
Brennan Manning
Joan Chittister
St. Gregory of Nyssa
James W. Jones
Ambrose of Milan

Closing Thought - 
Julian of Norwich



Dear Friends:

This is the first issue of Colleagues List
offered in Volume Seven. My writing year
runs from July 1st to June 30th.

I'd like to share some book titles that
are occupying my attention right now:

"A Short Reflection on 
 My Planned Summer Reading"


Colleague Comments:

Arthur Bauer - provides links to two reviews 
from the current issue of Foreign Affairs.

Hardy Schroeder - expresses appreciation
for the work I put into Colleagues List.

Bob Todd - conveys similar sentiments

Colleague Contributions

Martin Marty - 

Read a review of Marty's newest book: 
"Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Letters and Papers 
From Prison"


Net Notes:

"Borg-Crossan in Alberta" - here is an
announcement of a seminar led this fall
in Edmonton by Colleagues List favourites
Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.
(personal correspondence)

"British Royals Conquer Canada" - the
young royal couple were a big hit all
across the land, reviving hopes that
perhaps the monarchy can still fulifll 
an important function in our nation
(Toronto Star, Utoday, BBC News)

"Marriage Series: The Next Chapter" -
with New York State voting to endorse
gay unions, here is a link to a series 
of articles on marriage's evolving nature
(New York Times) 

"Indian Leader Lauds Christian Education"
= a Muslim leader celebrates a good thing
he believes Christians have done for his 
nation (Ucan News)

"Treasure Trove Found Under Indian Temple"
- a cache of great wealth, measured in the
billions, is found at an ancient site
(New York Times)

"South Korea Again in Stem Cell Spotlight" 
- after a major research scandal hit the
nation earlier this year, some good news

"Austrian RC Priests Call for Disobedience"
- the attempts of the Catholic hierarchy in
Austria to hide the truth have created a
climate of distrust in the priesthood 
(The Tablet, UK)

"Church Leaders in the North Offer Apologies"
- the Truth and Reconciliation process has
prompted a joint presentation by Roman
Catholic and Anglican bishops there
(Anglican Journal)

"Sinclair: Survivors Can Insure Better Future"
- the head of the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission, a Manitoba Cree, offers words of
encouragement to his own First Nations people
(Anglican Journal)

"Schuller Loses Vote at His Crystal Cathedral"
- the founder of the California temple and a
father of the American megachurch movement no
longer has a voice on his own church council
(The Christian Century)


Global Faith Potpourri:

Thirteen stories appear this week
courtesy of Ecumenical News International
in Geneva.


Quotes of the Week:

Maya Angelou, Brennan Manning, Joan Chittister,
St. Gregory of Nyssa, James W. Jones and
Ambrose of Milan provide thought-provoking
insights for our enrichment.

Closing Thought - 

Julian of Norwich, the first woman perported
to write in English concludes this week's issue.

Blessings on your days,




"Report to the Congregation and Reflection"
 Sunday, Sept. 11th, and Monday, Sept. 12th

As St. David's congregation returns from 
the summer break, we plan a special weekend
of gathering/worship for those participating
in our Fiftieth Anniversary Tour of the Celtic
Lands, April 26th - May 10th, 2011.

Sunday, September 11th - worship with a
Celtic theme, and a special "Sight and
Sound Report" to the congregation prepared
by Jock McTavish (some of this material will 
be posted on Colleagues List).

A CD Jock has produced will be given gratis
to all tour participants and extras will be
made available for those who are interested.

Monday, September 12th, TM Room, 5-9PM
the venue of a special reunion for persons 
who took the tour. It will be an opportunity
for reflection and suggestions for future
spiritual travel projects sponsored by 
the ACTS Ministry of St. David's.

David Rostad of Rostad Tours, the person
whose tour company planned and organized our 
experience in the UK and Ireland, will be 
present to join our reflections and suggest 
future possibilities.

Mark your calendars!



Contact us at: (or)
St. David's Web Address -

Listen to audio recordings of Sunday services -


Created and maintained by Colleague
Jock McTavish

NOTE: This page is being reconstructed.



A collection of twenty-five+ studies conducted
since 2000 can quickly be found at:

This collection of study resources represents
a decade of Monday Night Studies at St. David's,
plus extra courses too!

You are welcome to use our course outlines,
class notes and resource pages in your personal
and group reflections.




Summer offers many of us a chance 
to spend time with books in a way
not possible during busier seasons.

I hsve three books on my current
reading table that invite attention.

The first is "On China" by former 
US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.
Distilled from 40 years of engagement
with the Chinese nation, Kissinger
suggests how they view their own history 
and external relations in ways that
differ and often confound Westerners.

I am particularly interested in his
thoughts on how we will need to come
to a better understanding of Chinese
thinking as we move into a very 
different world with nations like
China and India playing major roles
in international affairs.

For a review of this book click:

Globe and Mail, May 28th, 2011


Readers of Colleagues List know that
I have a special love for Gandhi and
his contribution to human history.

A new biography appeared this spring
that contains new revelations and 
insights after many had thought all
there was to know had been written.

"Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His
Struggle With India." by Joseph Lelyveld
a former New York Times correspondent 
and Pulitzer prize-winner - approaches
the Mahatmas's strengths and weaknesses
both respectfully and honestly. In truth,
he believes that Gandhi is heroic in spite 
of his personal flaws. 

He makes Gandhi more human - even though 
some have been quite offended by some of
the revelations of the author.

Read a review from the Christian
Science Moniter:

Behind the Furor over "Great Soul"


A third summer selection is by
a school-mate of mine from my
Wilfrid Laurier University days.

John Horman has written an
intriguing scholarly study,
recently published by Wilfrid
Laurier University Press and

"A Common Written Greek Source
 for Mark and Thomas"

Many of us are familiar with
the "Q" or "Quelle" source that
scholars have claimed was a
common text (now lost) for
several existing Gospels in the 
New Testament canon. Horman
goes further to propose that both
Mark and Thomas (the latter is not 
in our current canon but is often 
used today) had a common - but 
also lost - source he calls "N" 
in this study.

"Close verbal parallels between
the versions of Mark and Thomas
show that each has a common
source I conclude is "N,"
Horman says.

This has interesting implications
for scripture study and the place 
of Thomas in our contemporary 
reading of scripture.

I hope to share more, perhaps in
the form of a book notice, when
I discover more of how John
defends his thesis.

Learn more about this book from
the WLU Press link:

Texts Common to Mark and Thomas


During our spring travels in the 
UK, Ireland and France, Marlene and 
I picked up many informative booklets 
on places visited. We can now reflect
upon these great experiences with more 

I will be enjoying the 60+ books we 
secured on site at a more leisurely 
pace than was possible while on tour.

Tbis reading adds a great deal of 
satisfaction to the marvelous cross-
section of places we visited during 
a rewarding four weeks of travel.



Pompton Plains, NJ

June 27th, 2011


As I read this book review - see link below -
(Holy Ignorance: Where Religion and Culture 
Part Ways by Olivier Roy, Columbia Un. Press 
2010), I wonder if you knew of the book and 
You would find it interesting and your reaction 
would be of interest to me.  Here is the direct 
web-site for the review, which appears in the 
current, July-August 2011, issue of Foreign 
Affairs, pages 159-163.

BTW the immediate previous review of Kissinger 
and Friedberg is written by my son-in-law, 
Joanne's husband.




Winnipeg, MB.

July 1st, 2011

Elfrieda and I really value your 
"religion and culture blog."
THANK YOU for refreshing and stimulating 
us every week (or two) with your sightings 
and reflections. 

And congrats are certainly in order for 
having reached the 284th issue (and seven 
years of publishing)!  How do you find 
the time and energy to literally cover 
the faith world the way you do ... ?!  
We are glad you're "still going strong"!  
God bless you and Marlene.

(Elfrieda and) Hardy


Minneapolis, MN.

"Thanks, Wayne. Can't thank you enough 
for sharing news of these resources.
Enjoy the weekend."





New Book:

"Dietrich Bonhoeffer's
 Letters and Papers from Prison"

Review provided by:
Englewood Review of Books
July 1st, 2011




From: Melanie Funk] 
Monday, July 04, 2011 

St. Albert United Church is pleased to 
announce that scholars Marcus Borg
and John Dominic Crossan are returning 
to Edmonton on September 9 and 10,
2011 to present their new seminar 
"Speaking Christian: Redeeming 
Christian Language" at the University 
of Alberta Conference Centre (Lister 
Hall). In this first time presentation 
of this seminar in Canada, our 
presenters will explore how Christian 
language has changed over the years and 
how those changes have distorted the 
meanings. Learn how we can reclaim, 
redeem and liberate the true meanings 
behind those words that shape our 
identity as Christians. 

More information is available through 
the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton 
and event tickets can be purchased through



Toronto Star
July 6th, 2011


Visit to Medical Research Centre
on University of Calgary Campus

July 7th 2011


Royals a Hit in Canada -
A Summary of the Tour

BBC News
July 8th, 2011



New York Times
July 4th, 2011

With marriage expanding in once 
unimaginable ways, what might the 
next stage in this evolution be?

Follow an on-going debate:


Indian Muslim Praises Program

Ucan News
July 8th, 2011



New York Times
July 5th, 2011

Beneath a Temple in Southern India, 
a Treasure Trove of Staggering Riches

A search of vaults at the 
Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple found 
a vast collection of gold coins, 
jewels and precious stones worth 
an estimated $22 billion.


What to do With $22 Billion

New York Times
July 8th, 2011


Post Scandal, New Breakthrough 

Reuters News
July 7th, 2011



The Tablet, UK
July 9th, 2011



Ecumenical Voices at
Truth and Reconciliation
Hearings in the North

Anglican Journal News
July 1st, 2011


Truth and Reconciliation Update

Anglican Journal
July 4th, 2011


The Christian Century
July 5th, 2011



Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
30 June 2011

Hong Kong cardinal joins protest for 
religious freedom in China

Hong Kong (ENI). Cardinal Joseph Zen 
Ke-kiun, the retired bishop of Hong 
Kong, joined a protest outside the 
Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong 
yesterday,asking Beijing to stop 
harassing Catholic bishops and priests 
in mainland China. Zen and the event's 
organizer, the Catholic Justice and 
Peace Commission, criticized Beijing 
for interfering with recent bishop 
ordinations. An ordination on 29 
June in Leshan, Sichuan, took place 
without papal mandate. On the same day,
however, one with a papal mandate was 
stopped by the authorities in Handan, 
Hebei. The candidate, Fr. Joseph Sun 
Jigen, was arrested. 


Conference looking at racism in 
Latin America ends with call for 

Managua, Nicaragua (ENI). Religious 
leaders from across the Americas and 
the Caribbean issued a declaration 
calling for a worldwide move by 
churches to educate people about 
racism, according to a news release. 
The statement came at the conclusion 
of a conference held last week in 
Managua, Nicaragua. Organized by 
the World Council of Churches (WCC) 
and the Latin America Council of 
Churches (CLAI), the gathering 
focused on the violent effects 
of racism against people of African 
descent in the region. It was the 
first such event to bring together 
church leaders of Afro-descendent 
communities in the Americas and 
the Caribbean. 


1 July 2011

Role of faith-based groups crucial as 
Southern Sudan becomes independent, 
says rights coalition

Nairobi, Kenya (ENI). Faith communities 
in Sudan have an enormous opportunity and 
responsibility to facilitate peace and 
reconciliation in their country,according 
to the leader of a global antigenocide 
coalition, speaking eight days before 
Southern Sudan becomes an independent 
nation. "We have seen the power of these 
faith communities and the action based 
on their values in the past. "Certainly 
we need them now," said Tom Andrews, 
president of the Genocide Intervention 
Network/Save Darfur Coalition(GIN/SDC). 

Russian pro-lifers to launch women's 
health clinics that don't provide 

Moscow (ENI). A Russian pro-life 
organization is about to launch a 
network of clinics offering pre- 
and post-natal care while excluding 
procedures such as abortion and 
in-vitro fertilization that 
"contradict the teachings of the 
Russian Orthodox, Catholic and 
traditional Protestant churches," 
said Alexey Komov, the project 
manager. The Life-Family Medical 
Centers Network will be run on a 
franchise basis under the auspices 
of "Za Zhizn" ("For Life"), an 
anti-abortion organization led 
by two Russian Orthodox priests. 
Its formation was announced in 
Moscow on 30 June at the end of 
a two-day summit held by the 
Rockford, Illinois-based World 
Congress of Families (WCF). The 
clinics will cooperate with 
American organizations such as 
Heartbeat International, which 
also runs pro-life medical


5 July 2011

Thousands of modern-day scribes lend a hand 
in Methodist Bible transcription

London (ENI news) - In a process hearkening 
back to the pre-Gutenberg era, when monks
laboriously copied sacred texts by hand, 
more than 30,000 people throughout the United 
Kingdom recently participated in a handwritten 
transcription of the Bible. 

The completed project was presented  at the 
annual Methodist Conference in Southport, 
England, set to conclude 7 July. Delegates 
voted at last year's conference to undertake 
the project, the first of its kind in Methodist 
history, to mark the 400th anniversary of the 
King James Bible. According to a news release, 
guidelines were drawn up for the 31 Methodist 
districts, "enabling them to organize the 
project as creatively as possible in their 

Public writing centers called scriptoriums 
were set up by volunteers in various places, 
including prisons, schools, libraries, 
airports, and shopping centers.


Anglican and Jewish leaders meet to discuss 
importance of shared scripture

Jerusalem (ENI news) - Anglican and Jewish 
leaders met recently to discuss the 
centrality of the Psalms to both traditions, 
according to a news release from the Anglican 
Communion News Service. The gathering was the 
fifth meeting of the Anglican-Jewish Commission 
of the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury 
and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. It was 
hosted by the American Jewish Committee on 
14 and 15 June at its facility in Jerusalem. 


6 July 2011

Mexican priest dies after being 
caughtin cartel-military crossfire

Mexico City (ENI). A Catholic priest
died of his wounds last week after 
being caught in the crossfire of a 
shootout between drug cartel gunmen 
and the military in Matamoros, across 
the border from Brownsville, Texas, 
authorities said.
The Father Marco Antonio Duran Romero, 
48, pastor of the St. Robert Bellarmine 
Parish and host of a local television 
program, was shot in the chest after 
encountering the shootout while out 
driving on Saturday, said Father Alan 
Camargo, spokesman for the Diocese of 
Matamoros, according to a news release 
from the Latin America and Caribbean 
Communication Agency. 


Pakistani religious minorities criticize 
recent government initiative

Bangalore, India (ENI). Christians and 
other minority leaders in Pakistan have 
spoken out against the government's move 
to relegate issues regarding religious 
minorities to provincial governments in 
the Muslim-majority nation, instead of 
dealing with them on a national level. 
"This is obviously a major setback to 
Christians and other religious 
minorities," said the Rev Maqsood Kamil, 
spokesperson for the Presbyterian Church 
of Pakistan (PCP). Kamil was reacting 
to the government's approval on 28 June
to place seven federal ministries, 
including the Ministry for Religious 
Minorities, under the control of 
provincial governments. The move is 
in accordance with the 18th Amendment 
to Pakistan's constitution, passed 
in April.

Methodists strengthen links with 
Church of England at annual conference

Canterbury, England (ENI). One of 
the highlights of this year's Methodist
Church Conference in Southport, England,
which ends tomorrow, has been a 
discussion of ways to strengthen 
cooperation with the Church of England. 
"The Anglican-Methodist Covenant of 
2003, which aims at enhancing unity 
between the two churches, was 
discussed, and on the final day, 
delegates plan to examine an 
ecumenical report on the subject 
of greater co-operation," said 
Anna Drew, a Methodist spokesperson. 
"That will mean the Methodist Church 
changing various standing orders, 
similar to the Church of England's 
canon laws, in order for it to 
implement the Covenant."



Provided by

July 1st, 2011

"If you find it in your heart to 
care for somebody else, you will 
have succeeded."

- Maya Angelou


July 2nd, 2011

"[Be] daring enough to be different, 
humble enough to make mistakes, wild 
enough to be burnt in the fire of love, 
real enough to make others see how 
phony [you] are."

-  Brennan Manning


July 5th, 2011

"To allow ourselves to become digital 
chips in an electronic world, isolates 
in an interdependent universe, women 
and men out of touch with the life 
pulse of a living God, indifferent 
to creation, concerned only with 
ourselves, and still call ourselves 
good -- is to mistake the rituals 
of religion for the sanctifying 
dimensions of spirituality."

- Joan Chittister writes in: 
  "The Monastery of the Heart"


July 6th, 2011

"Concepts create idols; only wonder 
comprehends anything. People kill 
one another over idols. Wonder makes 
us fall to our knees."

- St. Gregory of Nyssa


July 7th, 2011

"Teach me, God, to pray/ 
in works as much as in words/ 
to make my actions thoughtful messages/to 
make my actions more beautiful than words."

- James W. Jones


July 8th, 2011

"You are human, and temptation has 
overtaken you. Overcome it. I counsel, 
I beseech, I implore you to repentance."

- Ambrose of Milan



"The Fullness of Joy is
 to Behold God in Everything"

- Julian of Norwich


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