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Colleagues List, September 14th, 2014

Vol. X.  No. 7



Wayne A. Holst, Editor
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Dear Friends:

As we return from summer activities here in
the global North, I find Colleagues List is again
getting more hits. Last week's issue received
1,200 hits at the time of mailing this week's
issue. I am happy with this response.

My Special Item this week is a book notice
from Orbis publishers in New York. It is -

"Joan Chittister - Writings Selected" and I
hope you might consider this title, as it is
a good one.

For the full article, please scroll down.


Colleague Contributions this week are from:

Harry Winter of St. Paul MN who discovered
"The Prairie Spirituality of Ronald Rolheiser"
  by Michael Higgins in Commonweal this week.

  - all three of these writers are Colleagues List

Marjorie Gibson of Vancouver BC writes about
"When Someone You Love Dies"  on her blog

  - Marjorie writes of her deceased husband,

Jim Taylor of the Okanagan, BC takes off from
 a song by Nat King Cole for his piece on
 "Nature Boy - Love and Be Loved in Return"

Ron Rolheiser of San Antonio TX (noted above)
reflects on -
"Our Timidity -In the Face of God's Abundance"

Martin Marty of Chicago, IL another regular shares
"Drift Away - Society Moves from Organized Religion"

Doug Shantz, chairholder of Christian Thought
at the University of Calgary posts upcoming events

For complete information, please scroll down.

Net Notes:

"Christ Actually" - James Carroll has a new book
coming this fall relating to his studies of Jesus
the Jew (Publishers Weekly)

"Enemies No More" - two Congolese pastors, who
by tribal background should be opposed to each
other have discovered a healing relationship while
studying in Winnipeg (Christian Week online)

"Ian Paisley is Dead" - the famous "Dr. No" from
Ulster of a few decades ago, had a change of heart
during the more recent past (BBC, New York Times)

"Pastor With a Punch" - a rather unusual approach,
attempting to reach a certain societal niche group
(New York Times)

"Hearing Music on 9/11" - memories of a day of
infamy that should speak to many of us today

"The Seven Story Mountain" - a reminder of
one of Thomas Merton's most popular books
(UCA News)

"Rowan Williams on Climate Change" - as
the Britain considers special new legislation
the former Archbishop of Canterbury writes
(The Guardian, UK)

"Turkey Questions Planned Papal Visit" - the
pope is planning a visit to the Ecumenical
Patriarch in Istanbul but Turkey is not pleased
(The Tablet, UK)

"Evolution and the Problem of Suffering" - an
interesting theological reflection linking two
important themes for people in our time
(The Christian Century)

Sam Harris Criticises Obama for ISIS Views -
Harris has a thing about Islam and terrorism
that keeps coming through again and again
(The Christian Post)


Wisdom of the Week:

From Sojourners and Bruderhof online, some
good thinking from a selection of thoughtful
people -

Thomas Merton, Betty Williams,
David Foster Wallace, Simone Weil
Frederick Buechner and Henri J.M. Nouwen

To read the quotes, scroll down.


On This Day:

From the archives of the New York Times,
articles written as the events occurred -

"Four Planes Hijacked in NEUSA"

"Mao Tse-Tung Dies in Beijing"

"Steve Biko Dies in SA Police Custody"


Closing Thought: - Eberhard Arnold

Please scroll down.


"Normal" living seems to be returning
after our Canadian summer abruptly
ended with a heavy snowfall in Calgary.

Be grateful if you missed it!



Fall 2014 Adult Spiritual Development
ACTS Ministry Programs at St. David's



Book Notice:

Essential Writings Selected
by Mary Lou Kownacki
and Mary Hembrow Snyder
Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY
2014. 239 pp. $16.60 CAD.
ISBN #978-1-62698-091-4

Publisher's Promo:

Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun, is one
of the most popular and prophetic religious
voices in the world today. In her many books
and countless speeches, she has addressed
the burning social issues of our time—justice,
peace, the role of women, and the survival of
the planet. She has explored the deepest
questions of human existence, including love,
suffering and death, the quest for happiness,
and the meaning of life. She has probed the
word of God, the message of the gospel, the
call to contemplation, and the challenge of
faithful living. To all of these she has brought
her characteristic courage, honesty, and
above all, passion. This volume, more than
any other, captures and distills her spirit
and her message for women and men today
- including reflections on her own journey,
why she remains in the church, and what
sustains her faith and hope.


Author and Editor Bios:

Mary Lou Kownacki is a Benedictine nun in
Erie, Pennsylvania. She is the author of
"A Monk in the Inner City: The ABCs of a
Spiritual Journey."

Mary H. Snyder is professor at Mercyhurst College
in Erie, Penn. She was the editor of "Spiritual
Questions for the Twenty-First Century"


Author's Quotes:

The theme of this book is passion. To anyone who
has met, read, or heard Joan Chittister that choice
is obvious... For over forty years, she has tirelessly
crisscrossed the country and the globe driven by
God's fiery word.

She has written "We talk religion in a world that
worships the bread but does not distribute it,
that practices ritual but not righteousness, that
confesses but does not repent."

And yet Joan is not a doomsday prophet that leaves
audiences and readers depressed and impotent.
The words that burn also ignite the listener's soul
and melt way layers of fear, apathy, and
helplessness. And she's funny too...

Her words poke holes in the darkness, enabling
others to find their way.

For over thirty years she has been a columnist
for the National Catholic Reporter - and here

is a way of locating at least some columns:

"From Where I Stand"  -

She covered the Fourth World Conference on

Women in Beijing, the funeral of Pope John
Paul II and other major events in Rome.

Impressive as Joan's vita is, perhaps her
greatest passion is reserved for people and
for life itself. She plays as intensely as she
preaches and can always be counted on to
party. The bulk of her writing is devoted to
helping ordinary people develop into their
better selves. She sets a standard for mature
spirituality, and the power and passion of her
vision compel people to reach beyond the


For spirituality, she has been called a
"passionate contemplative." She views
herself primarily as a writer "writing is
all I wanted to do in life." She has a great
passion for justice and a talent "for seeing
what she was looking at, and for saying
what she saw." She has a passion for the
religious life. As often as she might have
considered leaving her order when things
got difficult, she has remained constant in
her commitment to it.

She is a woman of the church. Though she
has been a consistent challenge to it because
of it's continuing stance toward women,
she remains profoundly a part of it.

In a poll by US Catholic magazine in 2008,
readers voted her "by far the most
inspirational woman currently alive."
She has a unique ability to stand apart
from her church as a woman critic, but
at the same time demonstrate authentic
loyalty. This is a rare gift indeed.

Joan is a people-person. She loves them,
and they respond in kind. Many will attest
that their lives have been changed by
Joan's writings, speeches, and personal

Prior to the election of Pope Francis,
theologian Matthew Fox wrote a column
listing two nominees for the papacy. The
first was the Dalai Lama and the second
was Joan Chittister... and as a woman
of largesse, outrageous and extravagant
vision and heart, she is indeed one who
has loved the church enough to challenge
its unjust structures and has loved people
enough to beatitude living, because she
loves God enough to bring a brilliant
new spiritual vision to the times.

- quotes and interpretations from the
  Introduction by Mary Lou Kownacki


My Thoughts:

I am neither a woman, nor am I a celibate
person in ministry, but if I had my druthers,
I would certainly desire the vocational gifts
of Joan Chittister.

Not only is she an intelligent writer, Gospel 
preacher and social justice advocate, but she
has the rare ability to speak truth to power
in a way that gets respectful attention.

I have to admit that I envy her.

Joan loves the church and her ministry so
much and so authentically that people who
might otherwise be threatened by her are
nonetheless attracted to what she has to say.

That is not to say that she has come by her
vocation easily. She has fought many battles
and received her share of wounds. But after
decades in her work she continues to be
admired, if not always appreciated - in
many quarters.

For those who have known some things
about Joan, but would like to know more
(and there are many research leads to
follow in this book as well) I would very
much like to recommend this volume.

It comes as one of more than 50 in the
Orbis series "Modern Spiritual Masters".
I am pleased to be in possession of them
all, but would rate this one near of the
top of a list of many top notch entries.

The women who write the background
to the many great selections from her
writings are people who have lived with
her for many years. That means they
have an unusually good sense of who
Joan Chittister really is. They see her
at breakfast, and not just at the podium.
They know her small-talk and biases
as well as her quality writing.

Reading the Introduction to this book
is an inspiration in itself because it
was written by a colleague in the

But in addition, there are many great
gleanings here, from her voluminous
writings over many years.

Joan Chittister may be slowing down
a bit, but she has not lost the gifts
she has always reflected. Here is
a good summary of what she has
to share with us - so far.


Buy the book from



St. Paul, MN

Commonweal (via US OMI Website)
September 1st, 2014

"The Prairie Spirituality of Ronald Rolheiser"
  by Michael Higgins

Winter, Rolheiser and Higgins
are members of Colleagues List


Vancouver, BC

Marjorie Remembers Blog
September 1st, 2014

"When Someone You Love Dies"


Okanagan, BC

Personal Web Log
Sept. 10th, 2014

"Nature Boy - Love and Be Loved in Return"


San Antonio, TX

Personal Web Site
September 8th, 2014

"Our Timidity -
  In the Face of God's Abundance"


Chicago, IL

September 8th, 2014

"Drift Away -
  Society Moves from Organized Religion"


Chair of Christian Thought
Department of Classics & Religion
University of Calgary

The Bentall Lectures in Christian Theology with:

Dr. Stephen Engler, Professor of Religious Studies
Humanities, Mount Royal University, Calgary

"Multiple Religious Adherence
  & Boundary Crossing in Brazil"

Monday, September 22, 2014 at 7:30pm
Hope Lutheran Church
3527 Boulton Rd NW, Calgary

"Opportunities & Threats
  in the Global Study of Religions"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 12:00noon
CIBC Hub Room, Rozsa Centre,

University of Calgary


Upcoming Events:

The Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture
with Dr. John G. Stackhouse Jr.,

Regent College, Vancouver

"Putting God in His Place:

  Does Theology Belong at the University?"

Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 7:30pm
Husky Oil Great Hall, Rozsa Centre,

University of Calgary

The Swanson Lectures in Christian Spirituality
with Mr. Raymond C. Aldred,

Ambrose University, Calgary

"Stories from the Edge:

  Aboriginal Insights in an Uncertain World"

Monday, November 3, 2014 at 7:30pm

(location TBA)

"A Communal Theology that Leads
  to a Holistic Engagement with Creation"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at noon
(Rozsa Centre location TBA)



The Son of God for the Secular Age
A New Jesus Book by James Carroll

Publishers Weekly
September 1st, 2014

(coming in November, 2014)


Congolese Pastors Now Friends

Christian Week Online
September 5th, 2014


Good Video, Written Life Story

BBC News
September 12th, 2014

New York Times Obituary
September 13th, 2014


Martial Arts as Church Ministry

New York Times
Sept. 9th, 2014



September 11th, 2014


Early Thomas Merton Quote

UCA News
Sept. 9th, 2014


"A Prophetic Vision

  is Needed Now"

The Guardian, UK
Sept. 10th, 2014


Unsure of Timing for

Orthodox Encounter There

The Tablet, UK
September 11th, 2014

From Survival to Love

The Christian Century
September 3rd, 2014


Says Radicals are Indeed Islamic

Christian Post
September 12th,c2014



Provided by Sojourners and
Bruderhof online:

Music is pleasing not only because of the
sound but because of the silence that is in
it: without the alternation of sound and
silence there would be no rhythm. If we
strive to be happy by filling all the silences
of life with sound, productive by turning all
of life’s leisure into work, and real by turning
all our being into doing, we will only succeed
in producing a hell on earth.

If we have no silence, God is not heard in
our music. If we have no rest, God does not
bless our work. If we twist our lives out of
shape in order to fill every corner of them
with action and experience, God will silently
withdraw from our hearts and leave us empty.

- Thomas Merton


Compassion is more important than intellect
in calling forth the love that the work of peace
needs, and intuition can often be a far more
powerful searchlight than cold reason.

- Betty Williams


In the day-to-day trenches of adult life,
there is actually no such thing as atheism.
There is no such thing as not worshipping.
Everybody worships.

The only choice we get is what to worship.

- David Foster Wallace


The love of our neighbor in all its
fullness simply means being able to
say, 'What are you going through?'

- Simone Weil


Have you wept at anything during
the past year? Has your heart beat
faster at the sight of young beauty?
Have you thought seriously about

the fact that someday you are going
to die? More often than not, do you
really listen when people are speaking
to you, instead of just waiting for your
turn to speak? Is there anybody you
know in whose place, if one of you
had to suffer great pain, you would
volunteer yourself?

If your answer to all or most of these
questions is no, the chances are that
you’re dead.

- Frederick Buechner


In our chatty world, in which the word
has lost its power to communicate,
silence helps us to keep our mind and
heart anchored in the future world and
allows us to speak from there a creative
and recreative word to the present world.

- Henri J.M. Nouwen



September 7th - 13th

From the Archives of
the New York Times

"Four Planes Hijacked in NEUSA"

"Mao Tse-Tung Dies in Beijing"

"Steve Biko Dies in SA Police Custody"


CLOSING THOUGHT - Eberhard Arnold

Have the patience and courage to begin again
anew each day, and trust in God’s help; his
mercy is new every morning. Then you will
understand that life is always a matter of
becoming or growing, and that you must
always look forward to the greater things.
Even though you stand in battle with dark
powers, the victory will be yours, since in
Christ every evil is overcome.



Fall 2014 Adult Spiritual Development
ACTS Ministry Programs at St. David's:

September 15th - November 24th
7-00-9:00PM TM Room
(Thanksgiving Day exempted)

"A Fair Country" by John Ralston Saul

"Medicine Walk" by  Richard Wagamese

Led by Jock McTavish and Wayne Holst

Registration, Books, Hospitality - $60.00
Books Only - $40.00

(now on sale in church lobby)


December 1st
7:00-9:15PM TM Room
Sponsored by the Bible Study Group

"From Jesus to Christ" -
  How Jesus Became God
  A PBS Video Series
  (total of two hours in length)

Hospitality and discussion

Led by Jock McTavish and Wayne Holst

All welcome. Hospitality donation only


(Twelve Weeks)

September 18th - December 4th
10:00-11:00AM TM Room

"From Jesus to Christ II -
  A Study of the Book of Acts"

Led by Wayne Holst
No charge.



Friday Noon
Interfaith Chaplains' Book Studies
For faculty, students, staff, campus guests -

Fall and Winter 2014/2015

Native Centre Board Room
McEwan Student Centre
12:00 - 1:00 PM

Authors Being Considered:
Rob Bell, Brene Brown and Richard Rohr

Fall, 2014 Series: October 17th - November 21st
(six sessions)

Winter 2015 Series: February 27th - March 27th
(five sessions)

Book cost $15.00

Book title TBA September 21st.


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