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Colleagues List, August 9th, 2015

Vol. XI.  No. 3



Wayne A. Holst, Editor
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Dear Friends:

For many of us, time is moving into
"the second half of summer" and we
gradually begin to think about autumn
and its challenges. But let's enjoy the
good weather while we have it!

In my last issue of Colleagues List I posted
as my Special Item:

"What I Learned from Fr. Rene Fumoleau"
- my Anglican Journal column for July.
(July 26th, 2015)

This issue has received more internet hits
than any thus far - a total of 2,300 hits
since July 26th. Granted, it was two weeks
since I posted that last issue, but I think that
some of Rene's fellow-Oblates from around
the world have been reading that column!
I do want to note this record, with gratitude.

Now, my Special Item  is a book notice for:
"Sorry - Why Our Church Apologized" - and
it is a reflection on the apology process between
the United Church and the First Nations of Canada.

I believe this booklet has much to offer many
people, and not only members of the UCC.

Several colleagues were instrumental in the
writing and production of that booklet.

My personal thanks to you!

The second link is a free downloadable
PDF version of the book.

Please scroll down to read the information
and my thoughts concerning this item.


Colleague Comments -

Jean Koning (Peterborough, ON) and
Harry Winter (St. Paul, MN) share their
thoughts on the Fumoleau piece:
(July 26th, 2015)

Please scroll down to read what they
have to say. Thanks, friends!


Colleague Contributions -

Gary Nickel (Ft. Saskatchewan, AB)
shares a Canadian Press article on
another colleague, Greta Vosper of
Toronto. She has been a friend of
mine for some years -

"Greta Vosper, Atheist, Fighting Review"


Ron Rolheiser (San Antonio, TX)
provides two spiritual reflections

"Obituary for a Suicide" (and)
"Children of Both Heaven and Earth"


Jim Taylor (Okanagan, BC) also
offers two columns this week:

"Making Life More Beautiful" (and)

"When Modesty Becomes Provocative"


Net Notes -
these items caught my eye this week:

How Sweet the Sound - read the story
behind "Amazing Grace" sung by Obama
at the black pastor's funeral in Charleston
(America Magazine)


Moving Beyond Suspicion - some
evangelical Christians want to dialogue
with Muslims, not demonize them.
Franklin Graham - are you listening?
(Christian Science Moniter)


China Cracks Down on Cults - in this case,
"cults" seems to imply "Christian house
churches" (UCA News Service)

Also, more on the removal of crosses
from Christian churches in China where
protests over these removals gains steam
(UCA News Service)

'Stone' Revealed Book of Mormon - in
their attempts at more public transparency
over their history, the Latter Day Saints
released this story this week
(The Guardian, UK)


Adventists Most Diverse US Church - an
interesting Pew Study finding describes
the Seventh Day Adventist church as the
most culturally diverse in America
(The Christian Post)

Rob Bell Says 'Everything is Spiritual' -
the former evangelical megachurch pastor
described as a "maverick" by former friends
continues to reflect seriously on key issues
(Sojourners Online)


Mid-East Refugees Similar to Boat People -
some will remember the boat people saga
of 35 years ago as Canadians helped to
resettle thousands of  Vietnamese refugees
from war in SE Asia. Now, another challenge
Faith Today (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)


Canadian Pastor Admits to 'Subversive Plot' -
we reported last winter on the disappearance
of a Presbyterian minister in North Korea.
Now, a continuation of the story
(Canadian Press)


Religion, Science and the Local Congregation -
many congregations do not want to get into
the religion and science debate because they
fear it will divide them. This article is helpful
in that it encourages an open discussion
(The Christian Century)


The Gospel Must Point the Way on Gay Issues -
in the post gay marriage vote in Ireland, a
constructive Irish church editorial response
(The Tablet, UK)


Wisdom of the Week - comes to us
from Sojourners and Bruderhof online:

Common Prayer, Malcolm Muggeridge,
Wendell Berry, Joan D. Chittister, Gandalf,
Rowan Williams, Henri Nouwen, Kathleen Noris,
Pope Francis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Please scroll down to read what they have to say.


On This Day -

From the archives of the New York Times

"Nautilus First to Traverse North Pole Underwater"

"Hitler Saluted at Start of 1936 Olympics"

"Charles and Diana Wed at St. Paul's, London"

"Korean War Armistice Signed"

"US Drops First Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima"


Closing Thought - this week  is from St. Augustine

Scroll to the end of the blog to read him.


If you are interested in our complete fall
ACTS Ministry program, please scroll to the end.


One more summer issue of Colleagues List will
be published for you, August 23rd. See you then!




Why Our Church Apologized
by Maggie McLeod, Stan McKay,
Bill Phipps & Carolyn Pogue.

Wood Lake Publishing, Kelowna BC
2015. 24 pages. $7.96 CAD
Free download edition
ISBN #978-1-77064-803-6

Publisher's Promo:

Sometimes it is not so hard to say sorry.
Sometimes it is very hard.

What matters most is meaning it when you
say it. You likely know what it’s like. You likely
remember a time when someone said sorry to
you. Maybe you’ve heard about a church saying
sorry as well.

One surprising year, the United Church of
Canada people did just that. The church has
members in Newfoundland, Yukon, and
everywhere in between. The people who
attend have Asian, Indigenous, African,
and European ancestry — Canadians are
from everywhere!

This is the story of why the United Church
people apologized for the suffering caused
by the Indian Residential Schools.

The booklet is written for children and teens
but it can be helpful for people of all ages.


Authors' bios:

Authors' Comments:

Some things to think about -

What do you do when someone apologizes
   to you?
How can you tell when an apology is real?
What did Jesus say about sorry?
What do you do after you say sorry?
How do you celebrate National Aboriginal
   Day in your community?


My Thoughts:

The government of Canada (before 1867 it
was the government of Her Majesty and the
British Empire) signed treaties with many of
Canada's indigenous people. One of the
promises these governments made with
the First Nations was to provide their
children with education.

This implied that until then, native people did
not get an education - which was the first mistake.
There were more false assumptions to come.

The schools that were established sought to
make the children be like the (white, European) 
settler people that were beginning to fill the
country. This forced the original inhabitants
into smaller and smaller spaces. They were
no longer free and in control of their own

Many of the newcomers had good intentions
and wanted to "help"  the natives, as well as
"rescue" them from eternal damnation.

"Colonize and Christianize" became important
code words.

No one asked the First Nations what might be
best for them. Truth was, many native people
wanted education for their children so that
they might survive the settler incursion on their
lands. As well, they were not usually opposed
to the Christian faith of the euro-Canadians.
Many found Jesus appealing and the Bible

The problem was the attitude of the
newcomers.They considered themselves
naturally superior to their hosts. The result
was that everyone - native and non-native
alike - suffered because of it. The former,
because of the cultures they lost. The latter,
because of great guilt, once the newcomers 
began to realize what they had done.

That's where "apology" "truth" and
"reconciliation" come in. For more than
three decades Canada and its people have
been involved in great struggles around
these core terms.

The ecumenical churches of Canada - Roman
Catholic, United, Anglican, Presbyterian and
Lutheran have been struggling to make up
for what was lost, and to rebuild new and
mutually-supportive relations with the
First Nations. (The Lutherans were not
involved with residential schools due to
ethnic and political differences with
mainstream society at the time, but they
have subsequently become committed to
the healing and reconciliation of Canadian

Actually, many Canadian churches have
invested a lot in healing relations, but 
there is still much to be done and our
younger generations (native and non-
native alike) need continuing reminders
of the tragedy that took place.

This basic, simply-written and profound
booklet has been co-authored by four people.
Two are First Nations; two euro-Canadians 
and all are members of the United Church of
Canada. They write to help people understand
some very important things about human
nature and inter-personal relations.

The booklet sells for a modest price and
could serve well as a small-group study
document. But it is also available free-of-
charge for anyone who can read these
words on a computer.

Thanks to several members of Colleagues
List for creating (conceptualising, writing
and publishing) this booklet.

A timely document, it deserves broad


Buy the booklet or
download for free from:
Wood Lake Publishers



Jean Koning,
Peterborough, ON

July 24th, 2015

Hi Wayne:

Many thanks for another excellent
Colleagues List! I especially appreciated
hearing about Fr. Rene Fumoleau – how
wonderful that he is still with us!
(July 26th, 2015)
His work and witness among the Dene
undergirded so much of the work undertaken
by PROJECT NORTH, with which I became
associated in the late 1970’s when we were
in Oldcastle, Anglican Diocese of Huron. 

I appreciated also your blog and knowing
that you were able to spend time with Fr.
Rene. I think he did much to help those of
us who did not have that chance to live and
work amongst the First Peoples, to begin to
make our own journeys into standing and
walking in solidarity with our First Peoples;
neighbours over the intervening years. 
Listening to the Elders’ teachings, studying
the (Ojibwe) language, and being allowed to
take part in First Peoples spiritual ceremonies
has richly enhanced my own Christian faith,
and for that I am eternally grateful.




Harry Winter, OMI
St. Paul, MN

August 6th, 2015

On behalf of the Oblates of Mary,
many, many thanks for your insights
on Rene Fumoleau, OMI.



Gary Nickel
Ft. Saskatchewan, AB.

Canadian Press
August 5th, 2015

"Greta Vosper, Atheist, Fighting Review"


Ron Rolheiser
San Antonio, TX

Personal Web Site
August 2nd and July 27th, 2015

"Obituary for a Suicide" (and)
"Children of Both Heaven and Earth"


Jim Taylor
Okanagan, BC

Personal Web Log
August 2nd and August 5th, 2015

"Making Life More Beautiful" (and)

"When Modesty Becomes Provocative"



Story Behind Beloved Hymn

America Magazine
August 3rd, 2015

Some Evangelicals Seek Muslim Dialogue

Christian Science  Moniter
July 31st, 2015

Targets House Churches

UCA News Service
August 5th, 2015

"Protests Over Cross Removals Gains Steam"
  UCA News Service
  August 4th, 2015

LDS Continue to Open History to Public

The Guardian, UK
August 5th, 2015


Pew Study Reveals Member Diversity

The Christian Post
August 4th, 2015


Former Evangelical Pastor Continues to
Explore Theologially

Sojourners Online
July 22nd, 2015


Current Challenge a Reminder of 70's Crisis

Faith Today (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)
June - August, 2015


Real Korean Issue of Last Spring
Finally Emerges in the News

Canadian Press
July 31st, 2015


Scientists are Welcome Here

The Christian Century
July 23rd, 2015


Catholic Church Adjusts to Change

The Tablet, UK
July 30th, 2015



Provided by Sojourners
and Bruderhof online:

God of peace, keep us from confusing
peace with submission in the face of
injustice. Keep us from confusing
patience with tolerance in the face
of oppression.

Grant us true discernment for the
sake of your kingdom. Amen.

- Common Prayer


If I had been a journalist at the time of
the crucifixion, I would have been hanging
around Herod's palace talking to Pilate and
disregarding [Jesus].

- Malcolm Muggeridge


The great enemy of freedom is the alignment
of political power with wealth. This alignment
destroys the commonwealth - that is, the
natural wealth of localities and the local
economies of household, neighborhood,
and community - and so destroys democracy,
of which the commonwealth is the foundation
and practical means.

- Wendell Berry


Prayer that is regular confounds both self-
importance and the wiles of the world. It is
so easy for good people to confuse their own
work with the work of creation. It is so easy
to come to believe that what we do is so much
more important than what we are. It is so easy
to simply get too busy to grow. It is so easy to
commit ourselves to this century’s demand for
product and action until the product consumes
us and the actions exhaust us and we can no
longer even remember why we set out to do
them in the first place.

- Joan D. Chittister


Do not be too eager to deal out death in
judgement. For even the very wise cannot
see all ends.

- Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring


Christians will be found in the neighbourhood
of Jesus - but Jesus is found in the neighbour=
hood of human confusion and suffering,
defenselessly alongside those
in need.

- Archbishop Rowan Williams


Our lives as we live them seem like lives
that anticipate questions that never will
be asked. It seems as if we are getting
ourselves ready for the question “How
much did you earn during your lifetime?”
or “How many friends did you make?” or
“How much progress did you make in your
career?” or “How much influence did you
have on people?” or “How many conversions
did you make?”

Were any of these to be the question Christ
will ask when he comes again in glory, many
of us could approach the judgment day with
great confidence. But nobody is going to hear
any of these questions. The question we all
are going to face is the question we are least
prepared for. It is: “What have you done for
the least of mine?” As long as there are
strangers; hungry, naked, and sick people;
prisoners, refugees, and slaves; people who
are handicapped physically, mentally, or
emotionally; people without work, a home,
or a piece of land, there will be that haunting
question from the throne of judgment: “What
have you done for the least of mine?”

- Henri Nouwen


Worship grounds me again in the real world of
God’s creation, dislodging me from whatever
world I have imagined for myself. I have come
to believe that when we despair of praise, when
the wonder of creation and our place in it are lost
to us, it’s ften because we’ve lost sight of our true
 role as creatures – we have tried to do too much,
pretending to be in such control of things that we
are indispensable. It’s a hedge against mortality
and, if you’re like me, you take a kind of comfort
in being busy. The danger is that we will come to
feel too useful, so full of purpose and the necessity
of fulfilling obligations that we lose sight of God’s
play with creation, and with ourselves

- Kathleen Noris


Irenaeus [taught] that the glory of God is seen
in a living human being…Let the light of that
glory shine so brightly that everyone may come
to recognise the inestimable value of all human
life. Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the
sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are
masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his
own image

- Pope Francis


Who is able to withstand evil? Only those whose
final standard is not their own reason, principles,
conscience, freedom, or virtue, but who are ready
to sacrifice all this when called to obedient and
responsible actions in faith and in exclusive
allegiance to God – people who try to make
their whole life an answer to the question and
call of God.

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others
and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from
motives of policy are silent when we should speak,
the divine floods of light and life no longer flow
into our souls.

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton


From the archives of the New York Times

"Nautilus First to Traverse North Pole Underwater"

"Hitler Saluted at Start of 1936 Olympics"

"Charles and Diana Wed at St. Paul's, London"

"Korean War Armistice Signed"

"US Drops First Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima"



Hope has two beautiful daughters;
their names are anger and courage.
Anger at the way things are, and
courage to see that they do not
remain as they are.



Our New Program Planning Season Begins -
Autumn 2015 Adult Spiritual Development
ACTS Ministry Programs through St. David's

United Church, Calgary.


Theme: "Living in Darkness - Living in Light"

Books: "Learning to Walk in the Dark"
              by Barbara Brown Taylor

             "Between the Dark and the Daylight"
               by Joan Chittister

A  ten-week study in contemporary spirituality
with books by two prominent Protestant and
Catholic writers.

Ten Monday evenings, 7-9PM
In the St. David's TM Room
September 21st - November 30th, 2015

Books and Registration/Hospitality - $60.00
Books only - $35.00

Brenda and Joan will help Jock when Wayne
participates in the "Jerusalem and the Lands
of Three Great Faiths" tour (October 16th - 31st)

Now into our sixteenth year of Monday Night Studies
Our thirty-first series of (usually) ten week sessions!

Check our study archives for all 45 book notes:



Theme: The Book of Exodus from the Hebrew Bible
              "A Classic Story of Human Liberation"

Twelve sessions 10-11 AM
In the St. David's TM Room
September 17th - December 3rd

No charge.
Study resource -

The DK Complete Bible Handbook



Morley, Alberta

Our Theme for the Year 2015 -

"Women of the Bow Valley"

A focus on the women of the
Morley Village Community, 1875-2015
Sunday, September 14th, 2015
3:00 PM. Social hour following.

Guest Speaker:

Linda Collier, Alberta Historical Society
McDougal family descendant

"Women Contributors to the
  Morley Village School and Orphanage"

All are welcome

June service article, Cochrane Times



"Jerusalem and the Land of Three Great Faiths"
  October 16th - 31st, 2015

Hardcopy tour details brochure
is available at the church

Tour Company: Rostad Tours Calgary
Tour Hosts: Wayne and Marlene Holst
Sponsored by: St. David's ACTS Ministry
Endorsed by: St. David's Church Council

Talk with or write to Marlene and Wayne

We have 29 paid-up participants

Books for consideration -

One City, Three Faiths
by Karen Armstrong (1997)

DK Eyewitness Travel (2014)

TOP TEN: Israel, Including Sinai & Petra
DK Eyewitness Travel (2014)



Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre
Cochrane, Alberta

Mark your calendars!

Sunday February 28th
11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

John Griffith is on sabbatical this year.
Reflections will be led by a Franciscan on staff.


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